Feb 10 – From DLME

HELLOOOOOO! Sissssssta McKay!!
We are so proud of you!
We can already feel the blessings you are sending our way. Things are going good here in the northern chapter of the mckay clan. we love getting your emails. I will be getting your email blog/facebook built soon. :/ sorry. 🙂 Know that you are in our prayers. Happy valentines and presidents day. The church is true and you are serving the Lord. Woot Woot!
Love you. Happy preperation day! I remember, those are sometimes more work than the rest of the week! haha.
-Love Doug Lauren Maddy and Mers

p.s. mers says “hewp you” when he wants you to help him.
        mers: Hewpyou (holds out popsicle)
        me: do you want me to help you with your popsicle?
        mers: Hewpyou Hewpyou
        me: (bite chunk of popsicle for him to suck on) here you go.
        mers: (eats)
        mers: Hewpyou Hewpyou Hewpyou Hewpyou …etc.


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