January 16, 2013, 5:26:18 PM MST

Date: January 16, 2013, 5:26:18 PM MST
Subject: Re: Hello, and congratulations!

Hello hello hello!
Wow, what an incredible week. This has been one of the most busy and amazing weeks I’ve ever had. Today marks the one week anniversary of my entrance date, and I can hardly believe an entire week has already gone by. They say “a day is like a week, and a week is like a day in the MTC.” This is exactly the way I feel. Except for after the first three days, now even the days go by super quick. So I guess it’s more like “a week is like a day and a day is like a…day.”
After all, the world was created in a day…
So my p-day is on Wednesday, so I expect like twelve e-mails by next Wednesday…Ok, not really. I don’t need twelve. Only seven.
I found out the first couple days I was here that I will actually be here for the entire three weeks. They are still changing the time schedules for other incoming missionaries, they will only be here for two weeks if they are english speaking. But our group is the last group of the 3-week period. I guess they just needed us in the MTC for an extra week because they couldn’t bear to let us go. Or God knew I needed a few more days of training before he let me loose on Independence. So I’ll be heading to Missouri on January 30.
My companion is smelly and snores. Ok that was a straight up lie. She really isn’t and doesn’t. Her name is Sister Hyer. She’s from Kaysville, and honestly we’ve only been together for a week but we act like we’ve been friends for years. We work really well together and have similar goals we are working on. I’m really lucky. But frankly, everyone in our district is incredible. They all have such awesome stories about how they came on a mission and extremely strong testimonies and determination to succeed. I’m amazed how great of friends we’ve all become in just a few short days. There are 6 elders and 6 sisters and we are all going to the Missouri Independence Mission. It’s pretty great how that worked out.
I have been made coordinating sister for our zone as of Sunday as well. I’m not sure if there are coordinating sisters in the field, but at least in the MTC, I’m basically the female Zone Leader for the sisters. We have ten new sisters coming into our zone tonight which will make our entire zone/branch almost 50/50 between elders and sisters. That is incredible considering how the ratio used to be.
We had the incredible opportunity yesterday of having Elder Holland come to speak at our devotional. What an incredible way to boost our morale. He spoke about how in the 190 years of missionary work in the church, it has never been as exciting as it is now. We are going forth as God’s Army in a way it has never been seen before. He said “This is the generation that will not fail.” How great is that? With all of the countless lives dedicated to the restoration and plan of Christ’s church, we have reached the point where that hard work will not be in vain. He admonished us to “ASTONISH PEOPLE” like missionaries in the Book of Mormon did. Astonish means to speak with thunder. With the Spirit, we have the ability to speak the words to those that are prepared that will strike their souls like thunder. That’s one way of softening one’s heart 🙂 . He also commanded us to bring home at least one convert. That one convert is ourselves. I am the most important convert I will have in my mission. It was amazing.
So funny story. They have been doing some renovations on our building over the last few weeks and it’s caused some issues. Monday night, we went to bed at 10:30 like we were supposed to, but we were rudely awoken to the most annoying fire alarm I’ve ever heard. Our previous coordinating sister ran into our room saying, “This is not a drill! Grab your shoes, coat and blanket. We’re leaving now!” So over 400 groggy sister missionaries flooded out of our buiding to the gym where plopped down on the floor. Some pipes on the first floor had broken and we could not go back into our building. So we slept on the gym floor for a couple hours when they finally said we could go back in. Biggest slumber party I’ve ever been to. Most uncomfortable too.
Well, my time is up, which drives me crazy because I have so much more I would like to say. I love you so so much!  Please change my mailing address on facebook to my real MTC address. I’ll be here until the 30th.
Love you forever and always!
Jess (Sister McKay)
Oh, p.s. My companion and I were doing a role play the other day and talking about the Holy Ghost. She was the investigator and was wondering what it felt like to feel the Holy Ghost. I told her she would feel it in her heart. “Well, does it hurt?” She asked. “No, it doesn’t hurt,” I responded. “In fact, let’s turn to a scripture that tells us what it feels like.” Well without even thinking, I turned to a scripture in 3 Nephi that says the spirit “pierced them to the very center”. Hah. Does it hurt? No, it just pierces you to the very center. Haha. Lesson learned. I’ll be finding another scripture to answer that question in the future. 



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