Feb 11 – Re: Hooray!!! It is MY MARVELOUS MISSIONARY MONDAY!!!!!

From: Jessica McKay
Date: February 11, 2013, 11:53:18 AM MST
To: “Mark & Jeri MCKAY”
Subject: Re: Hooray!!! It is MY MARVELOUS MISSIONARY MONDAY!!!!!

It is always so great to get letters 🙂

Wow what a great week. Last Wednesday marked one month on my mission. Timewise, I feel like I just came out. But knowledge and experience-wise, I am amazed to see how much my testimony and faith has grown from when I first entered the MTC. We absolutely love the ward we are in. So far we have had the chance to eat with a different member family for dinner every single day. They sure take care of us.

We have a new investigator named Sahar. She has actually already taken the lessons and wants to be baptized, but has to wait until she turns 18, which will happen in May. She needs to be taught the missionary lessons again closer to her baptism, and wants us to teach her. We were so excited and impressed when we met her. She already has a wonderful testimony. It is thrilling as a missionary to see how strong an investigator can become through prayer, church attendance, and reading the Book of Mormon.

We are still working with Linda. I don’t remember if I told you about Linda or not, but she has been meeting with the missionaries for a couple months now. She has a lot of health problems and gets sick a lot, so sometimes it can be hard to make headway because she is sick and has trouble focusing. She is so fun though and we love teaching her. Last week she was feeling very poorly and we asked her if she would like to get a priesthood blessing. We were able to teach her a little more about the restoration, especially concerning the priesthood, and had two brothers from the ward come to give her a blessing. I have so much faith in the priesthood and its power, but I am always so amazed at just how perfect blessings can be. Even though the men who came hardly knew her, the blessing spoke to Linda about matters that were very important and prominent in her life, but that she had only mentioned to Sister Moon and I. We felt the Spirit there so strongly and think Linda felt it too.

The Priesthood truly is the power of God. I am so grateful to have worthy members of the church who qualify to act in God’s name to bless and enrich the lives on earth. Studying about the apostasy has shown me just how easy it can be to slip away by making little “harmless” changes to sacred ordinances or by doing those things that would disqualify one from being worthy to receive the blessings of the priesthood and the gospel. The gospel is really simple. We are only asked to be obedient to the commandments that we have been given, follow the example of Christ, and come unto Him by having faith, repenting, being baptized, recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. I was talking to a member of the ward who said that some of her non-member friends have told her, “Your church is so great and the people are so wonderful, but you have to work so HARD.” It’s funny to me that that is how some people percieve the commandments–“so hard.” In reality, the more we come unto Christ and have faith in His Atonement, the more we WANT to be obedient. We no longer have the desire to transgress because we have seen the blessings that exact obedience can really bring. So really, it isn’t hard, we are just doing what we want to do. “Obedience brings blessings, EXACT obedience brings miracles.” Why don’t we just be obedient and basically give Heavenly Father the permission to bless us? “I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.” Doctrine and Covenants 10 (…I think).

I am excited to go forward again this week. Sis. Moon and I have been designated to have a car full-time, but before they decided that, we were thinking we would be on bikes part of the time. So we were all psyched and excited to get to ride bikes…and then they told us we didn’t need to. 😦 Rats. The members feed us so well, we were counting on the bikes so we could continue eating cheesecake and pie every night without any repercussions.

We might still try to get bikes though. If we can find a couple that are cheap but that could go many miles a day, we’ll definately snatch them up. And if we could get them for free… 🙂 There’s an older lady in the ward who actually has a problem hoarding things in her home and yard. She’ll occasionally allow members of the ward to come over and help her de-clutter a little bit, because she knows it’s a problem. But we heard through the grapevine that she has like 37 bikes…that is about 36 too many for one person to have. I think we’d be more than happy to take a couple of them off her hands.

We are doing a lot of tracting and working with the ward to find investigators. We have a lot of potential investigators that said they would read the Book of Mormon and said we could come back, but didn’t want to set a specific time. Opening up a new area will do that to you. We are trying to involve the ward to help us find new people to teach. So family at home: be involved and help the missionaries out with referrals 🙂 The help of the ward members makes missionary work so much more effective.

Hoorah for Israel and New Jerusalem!

Sister McKay

P.S. I got the greatest valentine package from the primary. What a treat 🙂 Most of the letters said something along the lines of: “Dear Sis. McKay (or Mackay), Have fun love Cameron” or even “Sis. McKay from Sally”. It was cute. I was so pleased. Kids are great.

From: Jeri McKay 

Date: February 11, 2013 6:06:59 AM MST

To: Jessica McKay

Subject: Hooray!!! It is MY MARVELOUS MISSIONARY MONDAY!!!!!


Hello, Hello, Hello…… Sister McKay, aka Jess……..  Hooray!!! Hooray!!! Hooray!!! We get to hear from you today!!!!  


What a fun letter you sent last week!  Thank you!  We also got another nice surprise this week.  Your mission President and wife sent us a letter with a picture of you and them on the top of the page.  It was so much fun to receive it!!!  They seem like really nice people!    Sister Moon also seems like she is a really nice young lady as well and I am sure that you will have lots of great experiences together!  


Guess what we are going to do for family night?  We have invited the boys and their families over to make a valentine package for you and we will send it tomorrow so be on the lookout ok? 🙂    I will also include your patriarchal blessing as well.  Is there anything else that you would like us to send to you?  


How has the weather been?  It looks like it has been cold?  Are you doing good and keeping well and warm?  You are ALWAYS IN OUR PRAYERS!!!


Sister Conan finished her last chemo treatment this past week and everything looks good so far!  She will go in 3 months for another appointment to make sure everything is still clear.  🙂  She has taught her lesson throughout this whole process!  what a special and wonderful lady she is!


Thank you for writing such a lovely letter and sharing so many details!  It is wonderful to read and re read!  It feels like we are there with you.  Doug is going to help me make a missionary blog for you. 🙂


Jessica, we are going to do our taxes but I havent received anything from Byu.  Would you tell me again the name of your supervisor. and the two different jobs that you worked at. Or was it just one job this year?  We got a w2 from Great harvest already.  Thank you!!


We are all doing well!  Jocelyn had ski school last week and then she will have it again this week and Derek and Dad have and will go up again with her.  They gave Dad and Derek a parent discount so it only cost them 36.00 together.  🙂  Jocelyn also performed at BYU half time on Saturday.  She said it went well.  She really missed having us all there though.  Derek went on his date to Sweetheart and had a wonderful time!  🙂 We will send a picture after we get Doug to download them.  Dad went with his scouts to Vansickle’s cabin and went cross country skiing.  I have had a great week but very very busy doing tons of service 🙂  In fact, on wednesday when everyone went boarding I was so excited to go to bed early and just as I was crawling in bed at an unheard of time of 6:30pm 🙂 the phone rang and we had a family in our ward that had to have emergency surgery on Brother Harts hand so I took dinner and stayed with the kids until 9:15 pm when their aunt came over.  I had to laugh because that early night’s rest was not ever meant to be on my agenda I guess 🙂  So glad I could help.


We are so very blessed to have the gospel in our lives!!!!  I LOVE YOU FOREVER!! Mom 🙂


Ps Brother Hart is doing much better!  He got infection in his hand and it and his arm were so swollen, they had to do surgery to drain the infection and then they have had a continuous iv drip in his other arm with antibiotics.  He gets it out today and goes back in to the dr. tomorrow and hopefully all will be well with his other hand and arm!  


Pss The ward all says HELLO!!!  THey love you too!


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