Feb 19 – Re: Hooray!!! It is MARVELOUS Missionary Monday!!!!

From: Jessica McKay

Date: February 19, 2013 2:53:46 PM MST

To: Jeri McKay, Mark McKay

Subject: Re: Hooray!!! It is MARVELOUS Missionary Monday!!!!

Okay, okay! It’s missionary day!

(Mom, I hope you appreciated that little rhyme. It was composed especially for you.)

I’m so glad you got my little package. I was hoping it would make it to you on Valentine’s Day, but I guess sometimes it’s more fun to receive things after the celebrating is over so you realize that you actually get to keep celebrating. Jocey: I’m glad you liked the pop-up. I designed it SPECIFICALLY for my favorite sister…and that’s quite a feat to be the “favorite sis” because there’s actually lots of “Sisters” on my mission. Just know, you’re the favorite.

This morning we got to have interviews with the President/district meeting. I love district meetings, and today was even more special because the mission president was there as well. This is cool: John 15 talks about how we are the branches being nourished by the vine (who is Christ). Without the branches, there could be no fruit. But without the vine, the branches would have no way to receive moisture and would only be useful as kindling. With Christ, we become more than just dry twigs waiting to be stepped on or burned. We become tools to bring fruit for the benefit of all and we all work together to further the work and purpose of the vine. Furthermore, later in the chapter it talks about how Christ does not call us servants, because servants do not know what the purpose of the master is. Instead, we are named “Friends.” That hit me so hard. I am not just the Lord’s servant as a missionary. I am the Lord’s friend and I would do anything for Him. Thinking of ourselves as friends of the Savior of mankind makes our purpose as missionaries and saints of the Church to be fishers of men so much more prominent and meaningful. Go ahead and read John 15 and see what insights you gain from the chapter.

We had a miracle happen to us last Friday. All week we’d been praying for a miracle. We needed to see something come of our constant finding efforts. The first week we were in Andover, we felt like we needed to visit an apartment complex. This was the complex that we met that Arabic family that couldn’t speak english. We first came to the complex to find some old potential investigators the first day and instead of finding them in the apartment, we found the Arabic family. But we also saw the complex’s maintenance man. We didn’t speak to him that day or anything, just waved and said, “Hello!” About a week later, we had told the Arabic family that we would come back to help them with their english, and were in the area again. We had an appointment fall through a little earlier and arrived to the apt. complex about twenty minutes early. Well, missionaries don’t just wait in the car for their appointment to start. We figured, since we were here, why not stop in and visit a member family who lives in this same complex and ask them about any of their neighbors who might benefit from the message of the restoration.

As we approached their apartment, however, we found it was now vacant and that same maintenance man we had seen earlier was there fixing the lock. We had studied that morning as a companionship about talking to everyone, so we began talking to him. We found out that his name was Jose, and we were able to learn about how his relationship with God had grown since he’d stopped drinking. He used to be an alcoholic, but had been sober for the last two years because he knew it would help his family. We spoke to him about the restoration and Joseph Smith and how the gospel could continue to bless his family and he agreed to learn more. However, we knew he would be able to learn better if the lessons were taught to him in spanish. So we referred Jose to our zone leaders, who were also spanish elders, and they were able to set up an appointment with Jose and his wife last Friday night.

The elders called us afterwards to say that the lesson with Jose had been the best they’d ever had. Jose and his wife are getting baptized on March 9th. After one lesson! I am so excited. Even though we weren’t the ones to teach them on Friday and to extend the invitation to baptism, I know that God guided us to find and speak with Jose. If we wouldn’t have opened our mouths, who knows when Jose would have learned about the gospel?

I know that the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message that everyone needs to hear. Always remember that even the simplest testimony of truth can plant a seed of faith. Dear family, do not be afraid to share the gospel with your friends! Bear testimony of simple truths such as the living prophet, eternal families, the Book of Mormon, etc. We have been inviting the members in the ward to pray and fast about someone they could share a Book of Mormon with and invite them to learn more about the gospel, and I want to extend the same invitation to you. 2 Nephi 31: 20-21 talks about pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ and brightness of hope and that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to return to our Father in Heaven. Please share the gospel. It is too good to keep to ourselves.

Well, I love you! You’re in my prayers every day! Grandma McKay, I’m praying for you to heal! Please keep Sister Moon and I in your prayers that we will be able to find those that we need to teach.

Love you all!

-Sister McKay


From: Jeri McKay

Date: February 18, 2013 8:27:08 AM MST

To: Jessica McKay

Subject: Hooray!!! It is MARVELOUS Missionary Monday!!!!

FEB  17, 2013

Dear Sister Jessica,

Wow!!!! Little Lady, are you in tune or what!!!!  🙂  I have to tell you a wonderful story!!!!  When we all got together for Family Night to make you Valentines, Jocelyn was really missing you and wanted to make you a special pop-up valentine card and was a bit frustrated, “Because Jessica is the BEST pop-up valentine maker”.  Well we tried to do our best and she came up with some valentines that she hoped you would like.  Having the realization that it would be a while before you could show her how to make a pop-up valentine.  Well, Lo and behold, Friday evening was so delightful, not only was it Family pizza night but we got a suprise Valentine package as well!!!  Now, for the really fun part,…..  We each got a very fun, clever and extremely creative valentine from our special Jess, But who should pull out theirs and squeal with delight?  ( OK, we ALL DID THAT!!!!  🙂  But who should pull theirs out and say, “IT’S A POP-UP!!!!”

(ok, we all exclaimed that when she opened it 🙂  But truly Jocelyn was ecstatic!!!!  Thank you dear!!!!  Truly was a tender mercy and such a special little reminder that Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us and what is important to us IS important to Him!  Thank you for being the answer to a little sister’s prayer!!!! I love and admire and appreciate you so very much.  THANK YOU JESS FOR THE SPECIAL WONDERFUL MEMORY!!!   We all got such a kick out of Derek’s  valentine!!!!  He was EXTREMELY HAPPY and very honored for the tribute!!!

We loved your letter!!!  It sounds like you and Sister Moon are really working hard!  It is so exciting to realize that right now we are the part of Daniel’s dream where the stone is really rolling forth and NOTHING can stop it and we are so blessed to not only have a testimony of this truth but to truly be active and involved on the winning team of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

So, today is no school due to President’s Day, I took Jocelyn up to Sugar City for Jumprope practice at 6:30, then Doug and Lauren will pick her up and bring her home and after a while they will all come home to IF and I think we will try to go sledding.  Derek has guitar at 12:30 and I have a presidency meeting from 4-5, but I think it will be a nice and relaxing day.   We got most of our cleaning done on Saturday, HOORAY!!  Then we will have Family night and for dinner I got a recipe for cajun style red beans and rice that I will make.

Dad and I went to a jumprope judges training on Saturday.  We will be having regional competition here in IF this year and they needed some new judges.  I am also getting instructed by Jocelyn how to be a better speed jumper.  🙂  HAHAHA  You should have seen me trying to learn some new and better techniques!!!! Let’s just say I can always think back and have a LOT to laugh about  🙂  it was QUITE comical to say the least 🙂

Dad just called this morning and couldn’t find his wallet.  We are hoping it didn’t fall out of his pocket.  I am going to go and look for it.  Grateful for prayers!!!  They always make things better!

Ok so I have spent some time in the scriptures yesterday studying about receiving revelation due to our wonderful lessons and wrote some scriptures down.  I will share them ok?D&C 8:2-3; 85:6; 6:15; 11:13-14; 6:22-23; 9:7-8; 98:12; 109:44; 88:86; 28:2,6-7; 43:2-4; 11:12-14; 50:23-24; 6:11; 15:8,9,11; 42:61; 10:19; 6:7; and 11:7.   I am sure there are so many more.  How about you add to the list and we will keep it growing 🙂

Sis, I sure love you and rejoice in all that you do!!!!  One foot at a time ALWAYS, remembering we are on the Lord’s side and He is not only aware of us but with us always as we desire to follow Him 🙂  Miracles truly happen when we have faith in Him!!  I loved your comment on this in your last letter!!!!!  Thank you for the wonderful pick-me-up, wind in my sails, whatever you want to call it 🙂  It has blessed my life!!!!  You bless my life!  Have a SUPERFANTABULOUS DAY!!!  LOVE FOREVER, MOM 🙂


From: Jessica McKay

Subject: Re: also

Date: February 19, 2013 2:12:56 PM MST

To: Doug McKay

Chu ahr right. Well, ok, not exactly right, but close. We still had our p-day yesterday, we just couldn’t write because the library was closed for the holiday. But I sure enjoyed reading your letters. You barely made it in time 😉 Next week you won’t be so lucky if you wait til 7:30 haha.

Oh boy I am so glad you had a great valen-times. We also had a great one…even though we didn’t really do anything different. Every day in the mission is just great 🙂

Wuv ya!


On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 7:31 PM, Doug McKay  wrote:

I bet your not writing because you switched pdays so that you could knock doors on a holiday when everyone is home? Am I right?

Love you


Hey sis,

Hope I made it this week before you did your emails. I have a hard time realizing a week has gone by. bleh.


Mers and mads and lauren and I had a good valentines. did you? Lauren and I made each other cards and we were able to get a baby sitter and go to the temple to do sealings. Isn’t that a good Idea for valentines? we thought so. And then afterwards we got some taco bell! hoorah! Potato borito! And we learned how to make arepas, (corn cakes) and I put sugar in them and fry them and then we EAT THEM! and they are tasty tasty.

Mads and Mers are waking up at 6:30 am now. pff. But they… well, mads is going down at 7pm so that makes up for it. but also makes me tired.

We pray for you every night.

Love you


Here’s hoping you had an excellent valentines.

Even though knocking doors is hard when no one “has time”

To hear a life changing lesson

To change you to knowin from guessin

Ps, I hope this made it to you in time.




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