Mar 11, 2013 – Yes, Mom, it IS missionary Monday :)

Date: March 4, 2013 10:59:41 AM MST

To: “Mark & Jeri MCKAY”

Subject: Yes, Mom, it IS missionary Monday 🙂


It has been a little while since my last letter, but so many things have happened! We always come home completely exhausted and yet so excited to go to sleep so we can wake up and start over again the next day.

Nine things worth mentioning:

1. We got two feet of snow.

2. It melted.

3. Our mission is splitting.

4. There will be 58 new missions in the church; Kansas Wichita is one of them.

5. I may or may not be a Kansanian for the rest of my mission.

6. We had interviews with our Mission President.

7. We had regional stake conference.

8. We found 5 new investigators.

9. Miracles happen.


So the two feet of snow didn’t exactly cause my back muscles pain, but there was definitely a correlation. The more it snowed, the more my back muscles ached…I guess that could do with the fact that we shoveled 5 driveways that day (with a broken shovel and a child shovel–it was all the Harrisons had–but we’re missionaries and have to do our best with what we’re given).

And then the wind blew and the snow melted. Welcome to Kansas.

The Missouri Independence is the largest mission in the United States land-wise, and missionary-wise, it is the largest in the church…Until July. We’re not sure what the boundaries will be, but if I am still in Kansas by the time it splits, I’ll be a missionary for the newly organized Kansas Wichita mission. The mission office is going to be in our church building, and the mission home has already been purchased in Andover. Who knew we would be starting up the area of the future mission home? That’s pretty great.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing. I would really love to serve in Missouri, but I love Kansas. And my current mission president is so inspired and great. I know that wherever he feels I need to be is where God wants me, but I’m anxiously awaiting the time when I’ll know for sure. Transfers will continue as normal, so basically if I’m transferred into a Kansas area, that’s where I’ll stay. Sister Moon thinks I’ll be the one to stay here and she’ll go back to the visitors’ center. I prefer not to make any guesses, so we’ll just have to see. No matter what, though, I know that it will be according to the Lord’s will.

Stake Conference was so wonderful. One of the overarching themes was that the work of the Lord is hastening and members need to do their best to be missionaries in their areas. The work of the full-time missionaries would be in vain if the members did not assist. In one sense, we are here to help members with their missionary work, not the other way around. “Every member a missionary” has never made so much sense to me as it does now. I wish I would have understood this principle before I came out on my mission. But regardless of who I was or what I knew then, I know a lot more now that I have learned for my benefit and for the benefit of others.

Because our area is brand new, we have been putting most of our efforts to finding people and strengthening the ward. We were so blessed to find five new investigators last week and are fasting and praying to continue to find more this week. Miracles happen—according to our faith. Discouragement decreases faith. Therefore, if we want to see miracles, we must do everything we can to avoid discouragement. And this applies to everyone, not just missionaries. I have had many beautiful experiences teaching me this principle over the last week and I know and have learned that if we sincerely pray for Heavenly Father to bless us with more faith, He will.

Pray for faith. Pray for miracles. Pray for the work of the Lord. Doctrine and Covenants 4:7 Ask and ye shall recieve, knock and it shall be opened unto you. Heavenly Father is waiting to bless us–we just need to ask and knock, or in other words, pray and do.

We are so excited for the next few weeks. Sister Moon and I are working on planning an Easter Fireside to be held the Sunday after Easter. We want it to be a very spiritual experience for members and non-members alike. There are a lot of mis-conceptions about the Mormon faith in the world. For example, we tracted into a lady on Saturday who promptly told us that she was Christian, NOT Mormon. Sister Moon said to her, “Oh, you are Christian. That means we have a very similar belief in Christ.” To which the lady responded, “No. We. Don’t. You do NOT believe in Christ.” I was so shocked. She was so closed off, all we could do was bear our testimonies. I said, “Yes we do. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and he suffered and died for my sins. I do believe in Christ and know that without Him, we are nothing.” The lady was slightly taken aback because she honestly believed that we didn’t believe in Christ as the Son of God and the Savior. So we wanted to have a Christ-centered Easter program with music and messages that teach about Christ and His gospel, life, and atonement. I am so excited. There is a lot of musical talent in our ward and it will be a great program.

Well I sure love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister McKay

Ahh Typography and Design.

This is what I like to do in my rare spare time. 🙂

The one that says “mercy” also says “grace” if you flip it upside down.

You can put these on my blog if you want 🙂


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