Mar 18, 2013 – Wow, time flies when you’re having fun!

From: Jessica McKay 

Subject: Wow, time flies when you’re having fun!

Date: March 18, 2013 1:51:36 PM MDT

Hello from Wichita, the Allergy Capitol of America! …Thankfully it isn’t the case for me, I’m lucky enough not to suffer from the dreadful case of eye-water-nose-run, but Sister Moon isn’t so lucky. Thank goodness for travel-size tissues. We’re pretty much in the center of the United States, so the wind seems to come from all four directions at once and picks up all the pollen and dust in the process. This creates something I like to call an “allernado”. It’s like a tornado, but it circles just around your head and touches down every once in a while to make you sneeze.

We had a great day last Friday. It was 80 degrees outside, so we kept the car parked and spent the entire day walking and talking to people. Tracting is a lot more effective if the weather is nice outside because people will actually step outside onto their porches and talk to us for a while, rather than just sticking their faces out of the door to see what we want. We actually got a little sunburned. The beautiful weather made me realize that I sure don’t have too many summer shirts. However, the next day it was back down to below 50 degrees, so I decided not to worry about putting away my sweaters quite yet.

We had a lovely zone training this last week, and we have zone conference tomorrow! I love missionary meetings. It’s always so fulfilling and encouraging to gather together as missionaries to uplift and prepare each other to be even better missionaries. There’s something special about so many people gathering together to fulfill a single purpose.

We also had a little fireside last night for members and missionaries about missionary work with one of the members of the mission presidency. The Zone Leaders asked me to perform a musical number and Sister Moon to give a talk. I sang “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” to the tune of “Come Thou Fount.” It turned out really well. In fact, (Doug this side comment is for you) Sister Rasmussen in our ward played for me, and she is the older sister of the couple that just moved into your ward! And Spencer’s sister Julie is in our ward as well. Small world, huh? After the fireside the Zone Leaders asked if I could do a musical number for Zone Conference tomorrow. Sister Moon and I play the piano at about the same skill level (which is really only enough to get by), so we’ll have to see what we can throw together with her playing and me singing. Thank goodness for easy hymns! Missionaries sure don’t get a whole lot of time to practice playing the piano. The only time we really get is on P-day, and even then there’s hardly any time. Last P-day we went and played sports with the Elders in our zone at our church building. We played basketball, volleyball, and  I learned how to play ultimate frisbee. It was way fun, but we can only go once in a while when it’s held at our church building because we don’t have enough miles allotted to us in our car to go to the other building in Derby.

We’ve started teaching a young 20-year-old man named Tyler. We tracted into him about two weeks ago and he started reading the Book of Mormon after we gave it to him. We went and visited him again on Saturday. He’s already through Mosiah. He’s a history major and finds the Book of Mormon really interesting, but we’re trying to help him see deeper than just the historical perspective of the record. It truly is the word of God, and anyone who sincerely asks God, with an intent to act on the impressions they receive, will feel of its truthfulness by the power of Holy Ghost. He lives across the street from members in our ward, so we went and knocked on their door to see if one of them could come over to see him with us as fellowship. The husband went over with us and we all talked outside. Come to find out, he (the member) was a convert, was baptized at 19, and had basically all of the same questions Tyler has. It was amazing to see how Heavenly Father led us to knock on those members’ door to invite them to the lesson, because he was able to relate and empathize with Tyler much better than we could.

Well I love you all! Hope you have a great week, and Happy St. Patrick’s day and Easter!

Sister McKay

P.S. I got a valentine package from my BFA class from school this week. It was the greatest ever. All of the valentines were so well designed 😉


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