Mar 25, 2013 – P-daaaaaaaay

From: Jessica McKay <>

Subject: P-daaaaaaaay

Date: March 25, 2013 10:54:25 AM MDT

Whaaa?! It’s already Monday again? I am so amazed how fast the time goes by out here. At this rate, 15 months is going to go by a lot faster than I would like. Being here has helped me realize just how special the calling to be a missionary is, and I don’t want to waste a single day. I won’t ever have a chance to be in the spot I am again, so we (Sis. Moon and I) have been working hard not to waste a minute.

We are guided by the Lord in so many ways. Yesterday they canceled church because of the snow. I was so disappointed. Church is my favorite part of the week. I found it somewhat ridiculous  because there was only 5-6 inches of snow on the ground, and in Idaho it would have been a joke to even think about canceling church on a day like that. But the people aren’t as prepared for snowstorms here in Kansas, so we had a Sabbath Snow Day. I’m sure the parking lot was covered in snow. Despite my disappointment, it gave us extra time to proselyte and it actually turned in to a very pretty (yet still cold) day. Our car and our boots got really muddy, but we were happy to be out and about instead of confined to our homes like the last snow days we had. So we worked hard to find new investigators. We have lots of people that could potentially be new investigators, but they rarely ever want to set a specific time for us to come back. Especially because we are in a new area, we are constantly on the search to find new people to teach who will allow us to return because they are honestly searching. So this week we hadn’t found a new investigator yet, and it was already 4:45 on a Sunday afternoon. We had a dinner appointment at 5:30 with other appointments following, so really our only time to tract and find was in the minutes between 4:45 and 5:30. We felt prompted to contact a referral we had received from a ward member the day before, so we followed to prompting and drove to the circle where she lived.

We always pray before we get out of our car to go contact someone, so I asked in the prayer if Heavenly Father would guide us to find someone. And then in the middle of the prayer, I felt prompted to change my approach. I asked instead, “If it be thy will that we NOT find investigators this week, that’s ok with us. We will do whatever thou would like us to do. We only pray that thou wilt guide us to whatever purpose and design thou hast for us today.” I then closed and we went to contact the referral. She was sort of interested, but not really. We’ll probably try back in a couple of weeks. We had discussed earlier to knock the other homes around this referral, so Sister Moon began walking to the next house, but I forgot and started walking back to the car.

“Sister McKay, where are you going?” Sister Moon asked.

“Oh! Um…..” I realized that I had forgotten what we had decided to do next, so I pointed to the closest house to me, pretending that I had been intending to go there all along. “This house,” I said, and Sister Moon kindof laughed and went with me to where I was pointing.

When the lady answered the door I began speaking and we soon found ourselves talking about the Bible and how the three of us had all had our testimonies similarly strengthened by its words. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon, prefacing it with being able to gain even more light, truth, and understanding through the words of prophets, and found out that she had read some of it before, but she had never made it to 3 Nephi, where Christ appears to the Nephites after His resurrection. She was very interested at this point, because she had thought that she’d researched all she needed to about our church up until this point. Anyway, we discussed some other things and ended up setting a time to come back after inviting her to read from the Book of Mormon again. We walked away from the door at exactly 5:25, with just enough time to get to our next appointment, and we had our new investigator.

It was amazing to see how Heavenly Father answered a humble missionary’s prayer. I had to put down all of my wants and desires at the end of the week and humble myself to do whatever the Lord actually saw fit for us to do. And in a funny way our prayer was answered. Sometimes the Lord has to move us Himself in order to do His work, like He did with me. We just have to let Him.

Aaaaand, we can now write other people besides our family e-mails. So, if you could put my address on facebook, that’d be great.


Sister McKay



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