April 29, 2013 – Twins! Quick, boil some water!

From: Jessica McKay <jessica.mckay@myldsmail.net>

Subject: Twins! Quick, boil some water!

Date: April 29, 2013 10:08:20 AM MDT


We have some surprising changes happening today. There was an emergency transfer in our mission and we are getting another missionary. We’ll now be a trio. President called yesterday and asked if I would be willing to train another missionary. So, I am…not sure, pleased? excited? proud? anxious? to announce that I am now the proud mother of twins! haha. I’ll be training two brand new missionaries at the same time this transfer, so please pray that I can be the best missionary to our investigators and also to my companions that I am physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually capable of being. I am fully confident that we’ll be just fine though, The Lord trusts His missionaries, and I am sure he trusts his missionaries with other missionaries too ūüôā Needless to say, I will be needing your prayers…like always.

Linda was baptized on Saturday and then confirmed yesterday. I am so thrilled. We have worked so hard to help Linda strengthen her faith in the restored gospel and it was so¬†fulfilling¬†to see her baptism this weekend. My first one! Linda was proud that her baptism was my first. It was quite the ordeal to fill up the font at the¬†church house¬†though. Whoever built that font should be punished. No, I’m just kidding. I’m grateful that we have a baptismal font in our building, but seriously it is so big we don’t know what to do with it. It takes FOREVER to fill up. It took us four hours. Here is why:

The font itself is larger than most¬†church house¬†fonts. The¬†water heater¬†is so inefficient because it only heats about two inches worth of water at a time and then you have to turn it off for twenty minutes at least to let it warm up again. No one wants to get baptized in an ice bath. So in order to fill the font in 4 hours rather than 6, you have to BOIL WATER ON THE STOVE and quickly and carefully transfer pots and pots to the font while the water heater is waiting to heat up. It is¬†ridiculous.We had 6 pots boiling on the stoves in the kitchen with the microwave going at the same time to boil as much water as we could as fast as possible. The old ward mission leader told us the font holds 4,000 gallons of water. You can imagine the ordeal. But Linda was worth it. You’ll notice in the picture I’ll attach that our hair did not look the greatest that day, many thanks to the exercise we had filling up the baptismal font.

Linda was baptized by a man named Clayton, who is her neighbor and referred her to the missionaries in the first place. His story is pretty amazing though. He was inactive for about 30 years and during that time experienced a lot of tribulation, much of which was due to personal choices. He and his family have been coming back to church for about a year and a half and are actually going through the temple to be sealed this Saturday. They have become totally different people. It is incredible to see how much they have grown. Linda noticed this too. She was having problems with her church and saw that Clayton going back to church was changing him and his family for the better and started asking questions. It was so incredible to see a manifestation of the fruits of the healing power of the atonement as Clayton raised his hand to the square to baptize Linda by the power and authority of Christ’s priesthood. The atonement is real and can help ANYONE, no matter where they come from or where they have been.

We got to eat at the Gonzales’ restaurant on Thursday. Oh man. You don’t find investigators who can cook like that every day…in fact, I don’t think anyone ever does…except us. It was so good. We’re planning on going to see them tonight. Pray that they read the Book of Mormon!

Well I love you so much! Yes, I’ll be able to call on Mother’s day, but we won’t know until closer when we get to call. I’ll let you know when I find out. Have a great week!

Sister McKay

Here’s a rundown on all the pictures: 200- Yvonne;


204- Linda;Image

 211- Mary (a member of the ward) and Sahar;Image

214- Jordyn and Dick; Image

230- Sister Beuchert, me, Sister Moon, Sister Cashmore (4 generation picture);


 234- Boiling pots on the stove (at this time we only had 3 going. We accumulated more as the time went on);Image

236- Linda and Clayton before her baptism;


 238- Linda after her baptism;Image


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