June 28, 2013 – Invites and Running Shoes

From: Jessica McKay <jessica.mckay@myldsmail.net>

Subject: Invites and Running Shoes

Date: June 3, 2013 9:35:20 AM MDT

[Disclaimer: This was written Tuesday, 28 June. I was almost done and about to send it when my e-mail kicked me off and wouldn’t let me on for at least an hour. Missionaries don’t have that kind of waiting time! So I just prayed that you would all know that I did not get sucked up by a tornado and have the patience to wait an extra week 🙂 So here’s what I had before it kicked me last week.]



I love holidays, but not when they’re on P-days. The library is always closed.

But better late than never, I guess. So here are a couple pictures I wanted to share. First is Jackie White (formerly Jackie Brown. She was married about 2 months ago–funny, huh?) She is so special to my heart. I absolutely love this woman and am always in awe at her faith and testimony in the Lord Jesus Christ, despite the struggles she has had in her life. The second picture is our little trio! I love them! It makes grocery shopping really hard when there’s three of us, but other than that, everything is peachy. 





We have all gotten sick this past week. I thought I was going to be able to avoid the bug, because I didn’t catch it forever despite BOTH of my companions being sick. But when you are with someone 24/7 it is really hard to stay under the radar for too long. I finally caught it two days ago. Satan has been working hard on us so we wouldn’t finish out this transfer with power and diligence. But we will conquer, because we are really praying always (D&C 10:5). 


I ran in the Stake Memorial Day 5K (It was more like 2.5 miles I think) yesterday with the bishop’s wife as my temporary companion.  She is outstanding. She was pushing two of her kids in a double jogger and it was still tough for me to keep up at times. Haha, I am so out of shape. But we actually finished with a pretty decent time. We finished with about a 24 min time for about 2.5 miles. So not too bad for someone who hasn’t really (I mean REALLY) ran for 5 months. I was also sick, and sadly, running didn’t make me feel any better 😦


I am so excited for Shad! He’ll be a great missionary! 


Monday night we went over to President and Sister Chugg’s for dinner and invited Roy. President Chugg is in the stake presidency and his wife is a convert, so it was the ideal situation for a member present lesson. We were teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end). The spirit was so strong during the entire lesson, and the Chuggs were able to help provide even more testimony and conviction that could help Roy in his quest to receiving his answer to whether or not the church is true. Towards the end of the lesson, President Chugg asked, “Roy, I have a question. If you did find out that the Book of Mormon is true, what would you do then?” My heart started pounding so hard as the spirit told me, “You need to invite him to be baptized.” So I did. I said, “Roy, when you find out for yourself that Joseph Smith was a prophet, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?” He said, “I think I have followed Christ so far.” I responded, “So far, yes…But just like we’ve talked about the principles of the gospel being building blocks on eachother. You have great faith and you understand repentance. Baptism is the next step.” My heart started pounding even harder. I KNEW Christ wanted Roy to become a member of His church. I absolutely knew it. And I told him that. “Roy, we are here because Christ wants you to be baptized. He loves you and wants you to follow Him. But ultimately, it’s up to you.” Roy and I looked at eachother for a few seconds, and no one spoke. I felt prompted to ask him again. “Roy, will you be baptized?” He thought for a few more seconds. The spirit was intense. “Yes.” He nodded. 


Yes!!! Ahhhh! I love being a missionary 🙂 He’s still waiting for his answer though. Pray that he gets it!


Sister McKay


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