Ta Biblia and Red Wine – June 17, 2013

From: Jessica McKay <jessica.mckay@myldsmail.net>

Subject: Ta Biblia and Red Wine

Date: June 17, 2013 9:47:38 AM MDT


I love Kansas. I’m glad I get to stay 🙂

Well Roy told us a funny story yesterday. We invited him to live the word of wisdom about two weeks ago and it has been quite the challenge for him. He’s trying to break a nearly 20 year old habit, so it would make sense that it would be super hard.  He’d been sober for two weeks on Friday, but then that night, after a hard day at work and a lot of his friends pressuring him, he had a drink. We talked to him the next day, and he said it really wasn’t worth it, so we recommitted him to living the commandment. So, here’s the funny part.  It was his birthday on Sunday the 16th, so Saturday evening he went to a movie to celebrate. The show ended just past midnight, so when he got home, it was his birthday! His girlfriend and roommate were there waiting for him to celebrate. Roy said his roommate came out of his room carrying a “beautiful, gorgeous, amazing looking bottle of red wine.” Out of all the beverages against the word of wisdom, red wine is the hardest for Roy to resist. It was his favorite. So his roommate takes down two wine glasses and goes to open the bottle. It will not budge. He tries and tries and tries, doing everything he can think of doing to take the cork out, and it still does not budge. So they Roy tries. The same thing happens–nothing. Roy said he was a pro at uncorking wine bottles and no matter what they tried, they could not get the cork out. We were laughing so hard when he told us. God really works in mysterious ways. He knew it would be hard for Roy to live the word of wisdom, especially after he’d broken it the day before, so he intervened and held the cork in place. That, my friends, is a miraculous manifestation of God’s love and sense of humor, all mixed in to one. We told Roy it was a sign.

We had a really great week spiritually, learning and growing into more worthy servants of the Lord, but temporally…well, let me just explain with a picture or two: 


…Or three:



No, I was not the culprit. Unfortunately, we were the victims of a hit-and-run accident, so we have no idea who did it.  We weren’t even in the car! We were in an appointment and came out probably 5 minutes after it happened. What a joke. We’re pretty sure we know what vehicle it was because they live across the street, but we don’t know who was driving. Seriously though, the pictures show exactly where we were parked–at least two feet away from the road–so it’s ridiculous that someone would have backed into us unless they really gunned it and were basically closing their eyes. The road’s not that narrow. Oh well.  I wouldn’t mind so much if we didn’t have to keep the “How’s my driving?” sticker on the back bumper. With a bashed in driver side, and that sticker on the end, it’s just embarassing. Haha the woes of missionary work 😉 I guess I’ll just have to be humbled for a few weeks until we can get it fixed.

And then we (Sister Beuchert :P) accidentally locked ourselves out of the house during exercise on Thursday morning, so we had to break in to our own house and go in through the window. Thank goodness that wasn’t locked too, otherwise we’d still be homeless today because the Harrisons are in Utah until late tonight.

Silly week, huh? We had a great weekend though, after all of these misfortunes, so the work is still moving onward and upward! The Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today, and I love being a missionary! We get to go to the temple tomorrow and we are beyond excited. I won’t get to go for at least another year, so this is a day to remember. 

Oh yeah! We had our first bible study on Thursday. It went super well! We’re so excited to continue the lessons. Some of the elders in our zone came with an investigator who said he really enjoyed it and was going to try to bring his wife next time. I had the opportunity to teach and I learned so much about the history and purpose of the bible and the four gospels that I didn’t know before. The bible is SO GREAT. Here’s an interesting tid-bit. “Bible” comes from the greek “ta biblia,” which means “the books.” The “ta” was later dropped and it became just “biblia,” and then just “bible,” so now it means literally “the book.” Cool huh? It is not just any book, it is THE book. But it is not just one book, it’s a compilation of an inspired library. I also found an awesome scripture in the New Testament. Look at the very last verse in St. John. As amazing as the bible is, John says there is so much more that should have been written. (Enter…The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ) Tah-dah!

Dad, I really hope you had a Happy Father’s Day and a Happy Birthday tomorrow! You are the greatest and I’m so grateful for your love and influence in my life. Thanks for being a worthy priesthood holder and for setting a good example of what a father should be. 

Love you all, and I hope you have a great week without any parallel parking involved; it just gets messy 😉

Sister McKay


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