Miracles and Mission Splits – June 24, 2013

From: Jessica McKay <jessica.mckay@myldsmail.net>

Subject: Miracles and Mission Splits

Date: June 24, 2013 10:35:51 AM MDT

Hello from the greatest place on earth, where the bicycles roll and the wind circles ’round!


Here is the new mission address, go ahead and start sending all mail there: 


7011 E. 13th Street N.

Wichita, Kansas



So talk about a great time to be a missionary! There are so many changes in the works–worldwide, in our mission, and in our area! (see “The Work of Salvation” Broadcast for more information…can you say “facebook”?!? Whaaat? I knew they wouldn’t keep me away from computers forever haha) We recently had another set of missionaries assigned to our ward. They are actually the new assistants to the president, so since they’ll be spending so much time in the office helping the mission president, they’ll only serve part-time in our area. But we’re grateful to have them! They live on the other side of the area, so they’re able to visit members of the ward that are hard for us to get to on a regular basis and will do a lot to help bring many members back into the fold.


Awesome story (seatbelts, please) : We have an investigator named Marie who is probably in her late 70s. We haven’t seen her in a while because the last time we saw her she told us she wasn’t really interested in becoming a mormon…kindof a soft drop, but she still said we could come back. So we still had her keep her copy of the Book of Mormon, but decided to give her some time before we came back again. So this last week, we went back to visit, asked her what she had been up to, and she said, “Oh, not much. Just been reading your book.” Slightly taken aback, we asked her how far along she was. So she opened up to Helaman. Wooooooah. Helaman? That’s further than I am at the moment, and I’ve been reading a little every day for months. She said she read a few chapters every night. We asked her what she thought and she said, “I just have some questions.” (Oh great. Here it comes.) She continued, “The lamanites…why were they so mean to the nephites?” Haha needless to say that was not the question we’d been expecting. She said we could come back whenever we wanted. Another recent miracle involving Marie: Last time we saw her, she couldn’t really walk well and had to have a brace on her knee. This time, she answered the door and was walking without a limp and was no longer wearing her brace. She said just a couple months ago she felt something strange in her knee, so she removed her brace and she could walk on it again without any pain. Ironically (or not), this was just a few days after she had started reading the Book of Mormon consistently.


Another awesome story (yep, keep those seatbelts on) : We were on our bikes the other day and saw a woman outside reading in her yard, so we got off our bikes to speak with her. Her name is Marta, she’s from El Salvador, and doesn’t speak a lic of English. I was privileged to use my limited spanish to talk to her. Sadly, it wasn’t enough (haha), so we called the spanish elders in our zone and said, “We have a woman named Marta here who doesn’t speak english. Will you talk to her?” So, they did, taught her briefly on the phone, and set an appointment to come back. New investigator, just like that. We were so excited. The moral of this story is: talk to everyone, even if they don’t know what you are saying. 😉 No, but seriously, we were grateful we got off our bikes to talk to her when we could have just continued on our way without saying anything.


The temple on Tuesday was a much-needed miracle. It was such an amazing experience to be able to enjoy the house of God with my fellow laborers in Zion and our mission president before we go our separate ways. It was a tender occasion. The tears were not in short supply and I realized just how much the people in my mission have impacted me. I am excited for the new mission to commence and to lead out as a pioneer in this new age of missionaries, but leaving behind the ties to my old mission will be difficult.  However, I have faith that God will put me where he needs me, or where I need someone else, so wherever I go, there will also be peace in mind, in heart, and in this work.


We took Sahar out with us one evening to visit some people. She was on cloud nine. It was so great to see her enthusiasm and love of the gospel, just like Lehi who, after tasting the fruit of the love of God, desired to share it with all those he loved and associated with. She told us just before we went out, “Guess what, guys. I gave out my first copy of the Book of Mormon today.”


I love being a missionary.



Sister McKay


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