Toddlers and Tire Troubles – August 12, 2013

From: Jessica McKay <>

Subject: Toddlers and Tire Troubles

Date: August 12, 2013 9:48:48 AM MDT


Well it has been quite a full week and we have successfully made it home from our cross-kansas escapade. We were going to travel to Pratt on Monday night, but there was a terrible storm brewing in the distance which had over 100 mph winds in Pratt, so we turned around and stayed the night in Wichita. This proved providential, however, because we ended up being called on an emergency exchange the next day with some other sisters in the Wichita area. Following that exchange, we decided it would be better if Sister Tenney stayed in our area for the week with one of the other sisters who was also in a trio. That way our area wouldn’t be too neglected while we were away. So then Tuesday night we traveled again to stay the night in Pratt and drove the rest of the way to Dodge City the next day. It was fun to be back in Dodge, but it still smells the same…We had a great day though and found a lost investigator whom the elders had been working with but had moved away. That night we stayed in Dodge City and then drove to Ulysses the next day around 7. 


During our exchange in Ulysses, I went with Sister Miller that day to visit one of their investigators named Claudia. We had planned to teach her the plan of salvation. We were talking about how knowing we will exist beyond this life is like a light at the end of the tunnel, and I asked her if she knew that there was actually a light at both ends of the tunnel, meaning where we came from and where we’re going. I asked if she knew we existed in spirit before we were born in this life and that we lived and learned with our Father in Heaven before. She surprised me by saying, “Yes, my daughter taught me that when she was a child.” She then told us how her daughter had always been very special and as soon as she could talk told her mother that Heavenly Father sent her to her mother to make her happy and that she wanted to come. She taught her that she had lived in a place with our Father in Heaven where there were many other people around and that they learned from Him while they were there. Claudia said she would ask what Heavenly Father looked like and her daughter would answer, “Oh, he’s beautiful. He’s bright, he’s peaceful, he’s love, he’s just beautiful.” Her daughter was 3 years old. When her daughter was about in 4th grade, Claudia would ask her if she remembered saying those things to her and her daughter could not remember any of it. Her daughter is now 18. What an amazing witness that we truly did live before this life! To hear that a child had answers to so many of life’s questions, but only for a short time, seems to show that for some the veil is very thin but over time it grows stronger. No wonder we feel such amazement and awe when we hold an infant in our arms, because truly, they are still so close to the Savior. After all, Moroni says, “Children are alive in Christ.” 


That night our two companionships drove back to Dodge City to stay the night at Elder and Sister William’s apartment so we could be there for zone conference the next day. Sister Christenot and I did another training that was similar to the first, but adapted a little bit more to the needs of these zones. It was a great conference. (This was Friday) Then we had to give away our brand new car 😦 and take back the oldest car in the mission (and the ugliest…because honestly it is in pretty bad shape). It was so sad haha. When we got in the car to drive to Garden City for another exchange, we discovered that our tire pressure was low, so we had to fill it up before our drive. By the time we got there, our tire pressure was low again…dum dum duuuum. The exchange was great in Garden City and we were able to attend a baptism the sisters were having on Saturday. We left at three, only to find out that, yes, our tire pressure was low again. We definately had a leak. We had to fill it up three times on Saturday during our trip home. There are all kinds of things wrong with our car. It doesn’t help that I had been driving a brand new car in perfect condition, only to get a car that has been used an abused by the elders in Guyman OK. To make matters even better, when we came out of church on Saturday, our tire was flat. Iyiyi. But the elders helped us change our tire, and now we’re driving on a spare. The car is only 4 years old, so it shouldn’t be that bad, but it is haha!!


Oh well. It has been an exhausting, but adventurous and good week. I’m really glad to be back in our area, but it was really fun to see all of the sisters in the other zones. I’ll probably be back there in the next few transfers…I’m getting some vibes from certain comments Pres. Bell has made. 


I love this work. I love being a missionary. I love the gospel.



Sister McKay


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