Window Talks and Commissionaries – September 3, 2013

From: Jessica McKay <>

Subject: Window Talks and Commissionaries

Date: September 3, 2013 2:59:31 PM MDT

Well due to the incredible amount of work we have in our area and the fact that yesterday was labor day, I only have about 5 minutes to write this letter…I never was the fastest typer in the class, but we’ll have to see how many miracles I can cram in while I’m up against the clock. The reason we have so little time today is because we have to drive to Wichita for Mission Leadership Council and we had appointments with members and new investigators ALL morning. So it’s been a little crazy. But wow, I tell you what, WOW! This has been the most amazing week so far in my mission. We are being bombarded with miracles right and left! 


Here’s just a couple to wet your whistle before I can finish them next week:


Friday afternoon we were driving in our area when I saw a man walking along the side of the road. On a sudden impulse and urge, I shouted, “Quick! Pull over! We have to talk to that man! Roll down your window!” So we talked to Jorge (in spanish :P) a little about who we were and the message we shared and set an appointment for the next day. When we taught him (yes, in spanish. He doesn’t speak a lic of english) he felt very “tranquilo” because the Spirit was very strong. When we invited him to be baptized, and taught him how he could be made completely clean and have a fresh start, he had tears in his eyes when he accepted. Lesson learned: talk to everyone and help them to recognize the Spirit!


Thursday we were leaving a less active member’s home (which was awesome) and as we walked out to the parking lot, I saw three girls a little ways off. I looked at one of them. She looked back at me. So, I said, “Hello!” Here’s how the conversation went:


    “Hello!” I said

    “Who are you?” She answered

    “We’re missionaries.”

    “What’s a commissionary?”

    “No, Missionaries.”

    “Well, what’s a missionary?”


And so we began chatting. The three girls were 21, 21, and 22 years old and super interested. Could it be any more perfect?


We are seeing miracles in Liberal Kansas on the finding side, now we just need to start seeing those miracles progress! 


Oh one more: We went to see a member who hasn’t been to the church in over 2 years. She was offended and hasn’t come back since. Some of the members of the ward have been maintaining contact with her over the last couple of years. When we went to visit her, we talked a little about the temple. And by “we” I mean Sister Torres because our spanish is still in the learning stage. So we didn’t actually say much throughout the lesson. Then, Emma (the member) looked at Sister Nash and said, “Hablame!” So Sister Nash bore her testimony about the simple truths of the gospel. I felt the Spirit’s presence so strongly. Then Emma looked at me and I was able to do what Amulek did when he expounded upon the words of his companion and then added his own testimony. The power of a testimony is real. Guess who came to church on Sunday (to the surprise of the members of the branch, including the branch president)? Emma 🙂 And she was so happy to be there.


The work is TRUE!



Hermana McKay


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