Welp, another week that just disappeared right before my eyes. I recently had someone correct my spanish in one of my e-mails…so I probably won’t be using much in my e-mails for the next little while. Ignorance is bliss, right? Haha no. It just reminded me that I have a lot to work on before I’m fluent. But I’m working hard to change that. For example, Saturday, I went as far as wearing a sombrero and growing a mustache…”Sontines joo do that…jes for fun.” Or, to see if your spanish improves…well, it didn’t. Dang. No just kidding. We actually helped out at the library for their Mexican Independence Day celebration, and they gave us sombreros to wear as part of the festivities. Probably one of the most enjoyable service opportunities I’ve had yet 🙂




Saturday was an amazing day. Not only were we flooded with spanish culture, we also had an awesome lesson with Marina, Monique, and Jessica (you know, “What’s a commissionary?”) We were finally able to teach them the restoration and wow! I was privileged to talk about the Restoration and Joseph Smith and while I recited the first vision, the Spirit touched their hearts and minds in amazing, yet different, ways. When I asked them how they felt, they all shared what they were feeling and it confirmed that the Spirit had indeed made an impression on each of them. That was an incredible experience, unlike any I’ve had so far on my mission. In a nutshell, Marina felt that we were special messengers sent to deliver this message. So THAT was a miracle. Then, when we were getting ready to leave, we opened the door to go home and it was POURING rain outside. Marina asked if we wanted to wait it out, and we said we had to go because we had somewhere else to be. So she said,”Well, I’ll say a prayer…no, that’s too much.” I responded that it wasn’t. Heavenly Father cares about the little things too. So she said a prayer and asked that the rain would stop so we wouldn’t get soaked. Thirty seconds later, it did! Talk about childlike faith–so pure and innocent, yet powerful. Then we looked outside and there was a rainbow right in front of us, one where you could see both ends and the beautiful arc above you. So we walked out under a rainbow. 


We had two investigators come to church on Sunday. We were expecting more, but honestly, I’m a little relieved no one else came because we hardly would have known what to do with ourselves! Our branch doesn’t have a gospel principles class (which it SHOULD! That’s one of the most important classes!) so we had to figure things out ourselves. But it went well and our investigators had a good experience at church. 


We’ve been so busy we had to resort to going on splits to get some headway on the work. So we went out on splits two different times Sunday afternoon and evening and had so much success! We almost had an entire week’s worth of work in a single day. The power of members is real 🙂 It makes a huge difference when we have them with us. Plus, it saves miles 😉


This week we have an exchange and then stake conference in Garden City. Elder C. Christensen is coming and we are so excited!


Thanks for all your love and letters. They make a huge difference. Oh, by the way, go familiarize yourself with familysearch.org! It’s sweet. Thanks to all those (Grandpa and others) who have uploaded pictures of our ancestors!


Tengan una buena semana!

Hermana McKay



The Liberals


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