Greyhounds and Oz Land – October 14, 2013

From: Jessica McKay <>

Subject: Greyhounds and Oz Land

Date: October 14, 2013 10:15:45 AM MDT

Well it is just another week of miracles…I’m starting to wonder when my mission will start getting hard…hah. Just kidding.


But in all reality, we did have a wonderful week, especially the end. First of all, Gloria, Liala, and Raychelle have all agreed to be baptized on October 26! How exciting! Also, the new elders in Meade started teaching someone we had been teaching in Meade, but couldn’t see very often because of the distance, and he is also getting baptized on the 26th! So thank you for your prayers, keep them coming! Satan is going to work even harder on these people now that they’re so close.


This week we started walking. And then later in the week we got another car. But we’ll still be walking part of the time, which is good. A little exercise never hurt anyone :). We’ll be sharing the two cars between 3 companionships. Sister Nash and I went to Wichita on Thursday for Mission Leadership Council. We rode a greyhound from Dodge City to Wichita. I had two copies of the Book of Mormon in my bag, one in English and one in Spanish, and my goal was to give them out in that 2.5 hr drive. All I had to do was talk to my neighbors 🙂 It was amazing how the opportunities just opened up and I was able to teach two women and they accepted the Book of Mormon. I just submitted a referral on to the missionaries down in Texas where one of the women is from. It was so great and I now have a testimony of greyhound transfers. The Lord really does answer our prayers for missionary opportunities. Don’t be afraid to ask for them, because Heavenly Father wouldn’t let us have them if he didn’t trust us.


Saturday we volunteered at a local activity called Oz Fest. It used to be really big and the munchkins from the movie would come…but now they’ve all died…so it wasn’t as exciting haha. But it was pretty good exposure for us and we got to visit Dorothy’s house and the Land of Oz for free :). And there was a man who was dressed up as the cowardly lion who has about 4x as much hair as me…weird…Then yesterday, after no investigators coming to church, we decided to kick it into gear and get some members to come help us. So after church we went to contact a potential investigator Sister Hunter had found on Thursday. He wasn’t there, but his dad, Guerrero, was. We taught him the restoration there on the doorstep, gave him a book of mormon, and then his son came home, so we invited both of them to meet with us to learn more…all without the help of Sister Torres 😉 Haha. We were so exited about them. Then that night, we invited Raychelle to be baptized with the help of some members, and went to sleep on cloud nine. Also, our apartment got new doorknobs, and Sister Ramirez is making asian lettuce wraps tonight for dinner because I requested them.


I love missionary work.


Sister McIntire from Andover just sent me the coolest letter. The youth are going down to Oklahoma City to do baptisms, and she felt like she should invite Linda. So she did and after some surprise (because Linda didn’t know she could go so soon) she said yes and now is really excited to go and bring some of her family’s names! How exciting is that! Members are essential in helping new converts progress.


Love you all!

Hermana McKay


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