Parties and Puppies – October 21, 2013





From: Jessica McKay <>

Subject: Parties and Puppies

Date: October 21, 2013 11:09:43 AM MDT

Greetings from We’re doing really well here in Liberal…so well in fact that our branch president went to President Bell and asked that we stay here for a while. We love it here 🙂 President Willis asked all four of us to speak in sacrament meeting yesterday, so that was fun…I spoke on Elder Dube’s talk about looking ahead and the prodigal’s son. There’s a bible video of the prodigal’s son on the church website that I watched recently and it made me look at the parable from a different view. It’s really good. It just teaches us that no matter how far we go, we are always welcome home. All we need to do is turn around and forsake the forbidden paths we’ve been following, just like the younger son in the story. He left his home of safety, comfort, and security to participate in “riotous living,” but when he decided to turn away from his bad choices and return to his father, he was welcomed home and his father didn’t love him any less.




This weekend we went to a youth activity in Hugoton for the surrounding areas. Our district leader, Elder Skidmore, was on a folk dance team at BYU, so he did a folk dance workshop for the youth. It was really fun. We rode with a family in the branch and brought two investigators who had TONS of fun, and then they both came to church the next day! No matter what we did, we couldn’t convince one of them to come to church. But then when we got some really strong fellowship involved, she came! 




This weekend we have 4 baptisms 🙂 Raychelle, Gloria, Laila, and David, are really excited, not to mention all of us missionaries! We are hoping to have as many members of the branch attend as possible. 




What else happened this week?? Well, I went back to Dodge City on an exchange and helped the sister up there see that talking to as many people as possible should be a daily thing. She was really excited by the time the exchange was over. Then Sister Nash and I did a training in Zone Training in Liberal the next day. And there are so many families in the branch who have brand new puppies, so Sister Hunter and I are a little bit “puppy hungry.” It’s rough. They are just adorable and we want one so bad!




We just started teaching a young man named Jan, who is married to one of the members of our branch, Sam. She decided she wanted to start coming back to church, and he doesn’t know very much about it, so they asked if we could teach them. We’re really excited. He’s from Capetown, South Africa and speaks Africaance (which is cool because Sister Hunter knows a little bit too).




Keep our investigators in your prayers! I know that your prayers are really helping them!






Hermana McKay




P.S. Mom, a guitar would be sweet! And you can use whatever is in that package you think you can use 🙂 Thanks for the recipe 🙂



Sometimes I blow up at my companion…




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