Road Trips and Guitar Strings – November 11, 2013

From: Jessica McKay <>

Subject: Road Trips and Guitar Strings

Date: November 11, 2013 9:37:59 AM MST

Saturday afternoon, we were walking back to our apartment to pick up our car, and there was a large box resting against our back door. Sister Hunter and I don’t get very much mail, so we sprinted to the door to find out who the package was for (we thought it might be for our landlord) and…it was for me! We rushed into our house and I’ll be honest, I literally ripped open the package and let out a scream when I saw the word “fender.” The only other time I’ve been so excited about a birthday present is when I got my first guitar, so you can imagine that this reaction was pretty similar. Thanks Dad and Mom! I’m so glad you sent it early! Right after that, we were heading to a member’s home to roast hot dogs, so I brought it with me so we could all sing hymns around the fire. (I’ve discovered that you can play pretty much any hymn using only 3-5 chords, so I could have gone for hours…but my fingers got a little sore after about 30 minutes.) That was the greatest ever.

Transfer calls came today and…I’m staying here in Liberal with Sister Hunter! I’m so happy. I’ve been moved 4 times in the last 3 transfers, so I’m really glad I get to stay here. I’ll always “go where [the Lord] wants me to go,” but I’m relieved when he lets me stay for a while haha.

I went to Wichita on the Greyhound bus again this week for mission leadership council and had even more cool opportunities to share the gospel. I really have a testimony of greyhound proselyting. We did a lot of service this week too. Service is key in missionary work–look at all the service Jesus Christ did! We also had 4 investigators at church this sunday!

Kristin and Chloe are really progressing. Kristin wants to be baptized, but she said when she prayed about it her answer was, “You’re not ready yet.” We also feel like we just need to be patient and keep pressing on helping her progress gradually. Jan and Sam are awesome. Jan is doing really well and is already to Jacob in the Book of Mormon. 

Well, it was an exhausting week, but really only because of all the traveling. I covered about 1200 miles just this week with trips to various places in the mission. Have I mentioned how huge our mission is? 


Mom, you can send the package to 625 N. Clay Ave. Liberal, KS 67901. I’ll be here for a little while longer. Thanks for everything, especially my birthday present! 🙂

Love, Sister McKay



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