Spiral Binding and Rugby Balls – November 25, 2013

From: Jessica McKay <jessica.mckay@myldsmail.net>

Subject: Spiral Binding and Rugby Balls

Date: November 25, 2013 9:43:55 AM MST

We’ve had a little too much fun this week 🙂 I am happy to say I’m putting my new guitar to great use! Sister Hartley asked if I would accompany the Young Women with their song on my guitar at the branch Christmas Party. I practiced with them yesterday. I’m also going to sing and play some songs by myself and we’re planning to go caroling with the guitar in December. I’m so glad my birthday came early this year! I sang in church yesterday. Jan walked up to me and said, “I can’t tell if you’re human or not…because you sound like an angel.” And one of the members told me, “It’s like a massage for my head whenever I hear you sing.” Haha! I’d say the musical number was well received…

I’m so grateful you sent me those prints…but I was wondering if I could get about 20 more of the small ones? I’ve started giving them to the sisters we go on exchanges with and I’m already out. Sister Bell is framing it and hanging it in the mission home. Sister Moon goes home on the 19th of December! She’d only been out for 6 months when I came out. Time flies. 

We did a big service day on Saturday and had a ton of fun! We took all day to go out with members and serve the community. We had some investigators come out to help us as well. It snowed about 8 inches this week, so it was easy to find service because everyone needed their walks shoveled. 

We also had another big young adult activity for thanksgiving and had a lot in attendance as well.

Aaaaand, one of the elders in our mission is from New Zealand and was a professional rugby player, so he gave Sister Hunter and I each an autographed rugby ball…we’re practicing throwing and catching it…with our feet haha. Don’t ask, just know it’s awesome. I gave him one of the prints of that quote (“Who the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies”) and he said it was just what he needed. (He was just called as a zone leader). Look at me, boosting morale, one print at a time.



Sometimes we have mishaps while doing laundry. I opened the washer lid and all of my clothes were covered in this white lint. Alllll of them. I couldn’t figure out what happened…and then I pulled out that spiral binding and realized that all of the details from two transfers ago were now dispersed among every little thread of every article of clothing…Note to self for the future; Make sure there aren’t any old planners in your laundry basket before you dump it in the washer.


This week I’ve been so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord. He really is mindful of us. He knows us so personally and understands all that we go through. Heavenly Father really loves me! I’m going to work on being extra grateful this week by really thinking about all of my blessings and writing them down as I think of them. I challenge you to do the same!


Love you all!

Sister McKay


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