Zonkeys and Camel Spit – Mon, Dec 23, 2013

from:  Jessica McKay <jessica.mckay@myldsmail.net>
date:  Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 2:25 PM
subject:  Zonkeys and Camel Spit

What a week before Christmas!! Our Live Nativity was a HUGE success! According to my calculations, we had close to 300 people come and visit. It was great. Lots of Spanish. We asked a member to call the Spanish radio station to announce it, so she did and the radio announcer asked her to e-mail him an advertisement. Then the next morning, another member called and asked him to announce it as well, so for the next two days, they made announcements all day long! We had a great response to that because about half of the Hispanic people who came had heard on the radio at work or in the car. Almost all of the other half had actually heard on Facebook. We had non-members telling their other non-member friends on Facebook to bring their kids to the “church that had the animals.” We had a calf, two sheep, a baby goat, a zebra-donkey (zonkey), and two camels! In addition to that, there was incredible member participation every night and we had plenty of people to play nativity characters and give visitors tours of the church. We’ve learned a lot, so next year will be even better. Bishop Willis said he’s going to fly me out to help next December…I guess we’ll see…

Camels are so awesome…but when you feed them they leave this nasty saliva-slime on your hand. You can take my word for that…I wouldn’t recommend trying it out yourself 😉 We only had a few people leave with a little slobber in their hair, so I’d call that a success in itself. 

My new companion’s name is Sister Moser. There was a change in the transfers and I found out the day before she got here who she would be. She’d never studied Spanish before the MTC, so in that sense, she’s just like Sister Hunter. Heavenly Father must think he’s pretty funny because for the last two times I’ve trained in Spanish, I happened to train the only sisters in their transfers who did not previously know any Spanish…and I STILL can’t speak very well. But, we’re trying. She is adorable. She’s from Ogden, Utah, but her family is from Idaho. In fact, her parents sent her a package in an Idaho Potato box, so she fits in pretty well as my companion and in Liberal. I’ve been thinking that I need to invest in some camo when I get home…EVERYONE wears it, including my companions. This mission may have more of an impact on my life than I had previously thought…
Well, I am so enjoying being a regular missionary again. It’s nice to work on the micro-scale in the mission rather than the macro-scale again. I’m doing really well. We just got a whole bunch of new investigators from the other sisters when they left because we are the only Spanish sisters in Liberal now. The other sisters are just English. So here’s some names you can pray for: Alfred, Stephanie, and Lil’ Alfred (They are all part of the same family. Stephanie is going to be baptized in January and Alfred is really doing well), Debbie, Serena & Cory, Kristin, Oralia, Areli, Cindy, Gaby & Pablo, and Cruz. 
I had some amazing tender mercies arrive in the mail this past week! Thank you so much for: (Grandma McKay) The Christmas package and birthday card (loved it! We actually ate the soup on my new companion’s first night in Liberal), (Grandma and Grandpa Grover) the other Christmas package and birthday card (Thank you! I kind of knew what it was, so I opened it and read the story because that’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions), the sweet pillowcase from my home ward (what a great idea! I love it), and (Doug) the beautiful photo book with much needed pictures of the family (that not only made my hour, but my day, week, month, and year!) I got the other Christmas packages in the mail from Mom and Derek, but I haven’t opened the presents inside, so I’ll thank you after I open them and talk to you on Christmas!
Speaking of, I’ll be calling Christmas evening around 7 our time…so 6 your time? We can talk for an hour again 🙂 I’ll ask Bishop Willis to let you know whether it will be Skype or facetime. He’s not sure yet. 
Well, we went Christmas shopping today and I got some stuff for Christmas and Birthday (Yay!) And I got a new hat, because it’s super cold here.
This e-mail seems a little scattered today because my mind is just all over the place. Christmas is in 2 days! I’m 3 years old it seems like. I’m just so excited! It’s super cold here and we got about 5 inches of snow on Saturday evening. The roads were really bad (ahem…for Kansas…) and not very many people were able to make it to church on Sunday. But we still had a good turnout, investigators came, and the program was nice. I wasn’t originally on it…but then one of the musical numbers wasn’t able to make it, so instead of just taking it out, Bishop announced in sacrament that I would be singing…which was also news to me. Thanks to modern technology, Jan found me the lyrics to O Holy Night (the song that was originally planned to be sung), and I sang it acapella as the last number of the meeting. It went really well and I honestly feel that angels were helping me with that song. I also sang a few times during the live nativity and played some carols on my guitar. Music is a great tool to help people feel the spirit. 
I love you all and am so excited for Christmas! Thanks for everything!
Hermana McKay

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