Firesides and Families – Jan 27 2014

Our fireside was a huge success! We had 90 people attend! Sister Moser and I had 9 of the people we’re teaching come, as well as lots of our best friends in the ward 🙂 Bishop said it was one of the best ward firesides he’s ever seen and that he wants to do it again in a couple of months. Yay. Stephanie and Chapo are going to be baptized this Saturday (we hope!) and we’re really excited for them. Their dad Alfred is excited for them too, but isn’t sure he wants to be baptized just yet. He wants his fiance to be here to see him be baptized. So, that’s ok. We’ll see if I’m still in Liberal. Who knows? I’ve been here so long I feel like I could either leave any day or stay forever.

Lori and her whole family came to the fireside as well (Monica, Ivan, Christian, and Johnny), and we’re planning on inviting them to be baptized tonight, so please pray for them! We love them a lot. Also, Gaby and Pablo both came and brought two of their friends! That was cool. They need to get married so they can be baptized too! Liberal is really showing me how important it is to teach the missionary lessons to families. Alfred, Steph, and Chapo are helping each other progress, and Lori really likes the church because it focuses on how she can help her family. We had a big section in our fireside last night about how the gospel blesses families. The first part of my mission I would kind of glaze over that part of the first lesson. “The family is ordained of God, and we live in families”…and that’s about all I would say most of the time. But the longer I have been on my mission, the easier it is for me to see just how much the gospel blesses families and how much it has blessed mine. That fruit alone is enough indication that the gospel is true. No wonder Satan is attacking the family. When correct gospel principles are followed in the family unit, it actually makes people happier! Why would he want to let that happen? So family, thanks for your support. 
Jan is doing so great since his baptism. He came to church in a brand new suit yesterday and blessed the sacrament. Then after church he and Sami headed over to Lamar so he could receive his Patriarchal Blessing. Then they made it back in time for the last half of the fireside last night. I talked to Sami last night and she said when the Patriarch laid his hands on Jan’s head, the Spirit was immediately so strong. She said she’d never felt it that strong before. And one of his blessings was exactly—to the letter—the same as one of the blessings in her patriarchal blessing. What an amazing tender mercy that helped them to know that these blessings really do come from our Heavenly Father. They’re planning to go to the temple in March to do some temple work for Jan’s family. I love them! 
So…we’re not supposed to get ipads until April or May. Bummer, huh? I’ll only have a couple months left, so I hope I still get one…We’ll see though! Hope you have a wonderful week! Set some new goals and achieve them this week! Now that the fireside’s completed, I’m going to learn some new hymns on my guitar. Love you!
Hermana McKay

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