Snow Boots and Answered Prayers – Feb 10, 2014

We had a very chilly week. It snowed about every day, and we didn’t have a car…so my boots got a lot of wear this week. The good news is now they’re really shiny and clean from walking through so much fresh snow πŸ™‚ Great news! Lori and her family want to be baptized! We’re so excited for them. They are preparing to be baptized March 1st. The weekend before last we invited Lori to fast for strength and courage to talk to her parents about being baptized and that their hearts would be softened. Friday we followed up and she said that she had fasted, and told her parents that this was the path she wanted to take for her family. Even though they weren’t happy, they consented and said she had the right to decide for her family. Yay! So we invited them for March 1st. They all came to church on Sunday too. Fasting is amazing!

Steph and Chapo are doing well. Stephanie seems to be a lot happier ever since she was baptized and confirmed. It’s really neat to see the difference the Gift of the Holy Ghost can make in someone’s life. They are also really good influences on their dad Alfred. Whenever he says a bad word or forgets to bless the food, Chapo and Steph quickly remind him about what heΒ shouldΒ be doing. Haha. It’s really funny actually. Alfred isn’t totally on board with the word of wisdom yet and still drinks coffee when he is really tired when he’s driving. We were all eating dinner together and he said that he had coffee the other day and Chapo goes, “Daaaaaaaaaaad!” It’s good to have member support, and now he has twice as much as he did before πŸ™‚
Jan and Sam are good as ever. We see them almost every day πŸ™‚ They are so involved. Sami was just called to be a young women’s advisor, which will be so good for her and for the other young women! She has a very unique past and will be able to relate to a lot of the young women who are struggling or will face future adversity. We love those two.

Sister Moser and I were talking a couple days ago and she said, “Stop comparing yourself.” Isn’t that a problem we all have? I said, “I’m just comparing myself to myself.” And she answered, “Well, that’s not even fair because you are a different person than you were before.” And she was absolutely right. Looking back, I am not the same person I was when I came out on my mission. There are tons of similarities, yes, but many differences now. I have grown a lot and I’ve been molded by so many experiences. Many times we’ll say to eachother, “Just be yourself.” But what does that actually mean? What self? Does be myself mean be my old self? be my new self? be my bad self πŸ˜‰ ? They are all very different options and each would bring a very different outcome. We can’t just be our old selves because we don’t want to discount all the lessons we’ve learned and experiences we’ve had to make us better people, but we can’t just be our new selves because we still aren’t perfect and we still make mistakes and still develop bad habits. Let’s just not talk about being “our baaad selves” haha. The Jr. Miss platform I used to do presentations on came back to my mind and I looked at in a totally different light. “Be your BEST self.” Take into consideration all of the changes that have been made, lessons that have been learned, mountains that have been climbed, habits that have been developed, and from there you can find “your best self.” It was so interesting. I am a different person now, so it’s not fair to compare myself to who I was before if the outcome is discouragement. But I can be the best I can be now because that is who Heavenly Father has been molding me to become. He didn’t want me to be exactly the same person I was a year ago, that’s why he’s given me so many experiences. So long story short, I realized that I’ve actually changed…haha!
Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Hermana McKay

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