Dog Catchers and Springtime – Feb. 18, 2014

Hello SPRING! It has been between 50-70 for the past week! I LOVE it. This letter be all sorts of random…consider yourself warned 😉

I am becoming quite the little seamstress. I have made two skirts, a scripture case, and now I am starting a dress! I can’t go this year without getting an easter dress–it’s tradition–so I’m making my own this year! Woo! It’s going to be yellow because that is my favorite color (this is also why P-days are always so busy here). We’ve got an exciting few days coming up this week! Tomorrow we are road-tripping to Pratt, KS for a sister’s conference, Thursday we have specialized training where we’re driving to Dodge City and getting our windshield replaced during the meeting, then Saturday Liberal has yet another baptism! Let the work move on! This week we received news that 2 of our progressing investigators are moving back to Mexico…this seems to be a recurring thing–it’s happened quite a few times since I’ve been in Liberal 😦 Bummer. But, thanks to, they can request missionaries there in Mexico, and we’ve already committed them to do it. Alfred is not on date for March 1 any more because he will be in California on that day picking up his fiance to bring her back so they can get married and then he’ll be baptized! So hopefully I’ll get to help plan a wedding while I’m here in Liberal! We went on a run with Jan and Sami yesterday at 3 pm. It was perfect weather, a perfect distance (ahem-SHORT-my muscles have grown a little soft), and was so fun! I’ve really missed afternoon/evening runs. Thank goodness for p-days! Valentines was so fun. Sister Moser’s dad had candy bouquets delivered to our house. It was the sweetest thing ever…literally. And then Tuesday we stopped by the Bishop’s house to drop something off, and their dogs got out, so we spent 20 minutes chasing them down. Dumb dogs thought it was a game. At least it must have looked like one with two women in big coats, wavy skirts, and heavy snowboots running across lawns yelling and whistling. The day when I can’t blame how silly I look on being a missionary will be a sad day indeed. Sister Moser and I bought giant exercise balls that we bounce around on all the time. It’s a blast. It also helps us focus during companionship study. On a different note, the work is going great. President just announced that elders are now to teach men and sisters teach women, so we’ve had to turn some of our investigators over to the elders and we’re getting some of theirs. It was disappointing at first, but we understand why this is the case. And the elders here are awesome. So we’re about to have our teaching pools all mixed up and revamped. We can keep teaching families and any male investigators that were already on date to be baptized, though, so we’ll continue teaching Alfred. Also, Lori, Monica, and now Ivan are all planning to be baptized on March 8. I love being a missionary! Hope you all have a super week!
Hermana McKay

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