Pancakes and Posterity – March 3, 2014

Well first things first, I made it to Pancake Day in Liberal! Last August when we arrived we kept hearing about this infamous “Pancake Day” sometime in February or March. Did I think I’d make it that long? Heavens no. Am I glad I did? Sure thing! Saturday was the kickoff event with lots of booths from businesses in Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma, as well as the annual Pancake Eating and Pancake Flipping contest. Sister Moser and I had done some sleuthing earlier in the week to see if we could volunteer (ahem-give an excuse to go to the fair) to help, and they were grateful for the extra hands. All four of us sisters helped people register for the events and we got to see quite a few of our investigators and potential investigators. Then the elders came to see if they could help, but there were already enough people helping, so I told them them one of the best ways they could help was participating in the contests (instant publicity!). Let me just say, our elders can eat. So I signed them up for the pancake eating contest. The goal was to eat 5 pancakes in the least amount of time. They had syrup and water to help wash it down and plenty of elbow room, but that was about it. When it was their time to compete, the MC actually introduced them as missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and he talked about them the whole time. First bite the elders took, I was amazed at how much of that pancake they could fit into their mouths…and then the second bite…and the third..and before we knew it they were both done. They took 2nd and 3rd place in the overall competition, both got trophies, pictures taken to be put in the paper and the annual book, and enough prize money to buy a T-shirt. Moral of the story: when it comes to eating as a missionary, don’t leave anything on the plate! Sad/unsettling story though: round 3 of the eating competition (the elders competed in round 2) proved unfortunate because the man sitting in the middle was really on a role…and then he started choking on pancake…and barfed all over the table…it was really sad when it happened…but while I was typing this and replaying it in my mind, I realized just how funny and ironic it was. Haha. It’s not a real eating competition unless someone vomits I guess. 😛 Here’s our candid yet fitting picture after the winners were announced:


Also, here is my “posterity” picture from sister’s conference last week. I trained two in the back, two in the middle, and one in the front, and the rest are were trained by my daughters or their daughters (not pictured: one daughter, two granddaughter, and one great-granddaughter) I used to think it was silly to call missionaries “mothers” and “daughters,” but I’m afraid I’m stuck on the bandwagon now and think it’s really funny. Sister Moser and Hunter are my two rebel children in the back 😉


Sami is going to have a baby! We are so excited for them! But so far it’s been a really hard pregnancy and she is very sick. Would you please keep her in your prayers?
This Sunday was the coolest fast and testimony meeting ever because we were able to see so many fruits of the gospel! Jan and Jesus (Both baptized in December) blessed the sacrament, and Chapo passed the sacrament for the first time to his family, including Alfred who was able to come for the first time in about 6 weeks because of work! Then Jan bore his testimony and said some very profound things and quoted President Monson by saying, “The future is as bright as your faith!” What a privilege it has been for me to be able to stay here in Liberal to see it come so far and to see so many lives changed and blessed! We also had some less active members come that are doing really really well.
So, check this out:


Personalized pass-along cards! Woah! What a neat idea. You can print them off double sided and on the pack is a little place to write your testimony or whatever you want. You just go to your profile–edit profile–share your profile—pass-along cards. Try it out and give them to some friends! What a simple way to share the gospel.
Hope you all have a great week! The official pancake day is tomorrow, March 4th, so stuff you face with pancakes in behalf of Liberal’s favorite day…just don’t throw up. That would ruin the moment. But you’d sure make a memory 😉
Love Always, Sister McKay


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