Expecting and Monoxide – March 17, 2014

Crazy changes happening here in Liberal. First of all Liberal District is now LIBERAL ZONE starting next transfer! Which is Wednesday! That’s right! The Zone Leaders are being moved from Dodge City to Liberal! It’s more central and makes more sense than having them in Dodge. Cool, huh? When I came to Liberal it was a place only a handful of people had heard of in the mission with one set of missionaries, and now it’s a ZONE! But…if the zone leaders are coming to Liberal, what else does that mean? Next bit of news. We are being double transferred out. 😦 And being replaced by the zone leaders. So no more spanish sisters in Liberal 😦 Let’s just say the zone leaders have their work cut out for them to keep up on all the investigators and people we’ve been working with! Sister Moser is being transferred to Augusta, which ironically is right next to Andover! Her new companion is a really great sister, so I know she’ll do awesome there! And me? Well, fasten your seatbelts.
I’ve been called serve in the Topeka Spanish Branch, opening it for sisters, training a new missionary,…and serving as a sister training leader again.
I know, right? This mission is throwing quite a few curve balls! My STL companion is in a different area, but we’re right next to eachother, so it will be like it was when I was with Sis Hunter and Nash in Liberal. I am full of mixed emotions. First of all, double transferring us out of Liberal is NOT what we were expecting, neither was being called to serve as an STL. Man, I wasn’t even expecting to train again! This will be my 7th daughter! And serving in an actual spanish branch? The Lord’s going to make me fluent whether I expect it or not! I am a little anxious, but really excited. I’ve never served in the northern part of the mission, and this will probably be my last area…but then again, who knows, because this transfer was full of surprises too.
Alright, enough about transfers. Oh! Except this one! Sister Beuchert was called to serve as an STL out in Dodge City! What? She was so close to being my sister leader darn it! So close!
Next item of business: We have been slowly suffocating in our house…ok not exactly, but we did have the city come check our house at 11 o’clock at night and found traces of carbon monoxide coming from our water heater and furnace. After evacuating for a while, he told us what needed to be fixed and as long as we had the windows open and heat off we could sleep in our house. The reason we called in the first place was because we knew we didn’t have a carbon monoxide alarm, and we kept feeling uneasy about it. Turns out it was inspiration! Thanks to our best friend Emily, who came over to help us and let us take refuge in her car when we evacuated, we are safe and sound and can breathe still! Get this: it wasn’t enough CO to hospitalize us, but it was enough to…give us headaches every day. LIIIIIGHT BULB. It makes so much sense! So things have been a bit better since we had renovations made to our furnace closet this week.
Next: We saw miracles in tracting this week! We have recently had a lot of investigators move, which was discouraging, but it was just a reminder to keep your teaching pool fresh. So we made a goal to do a certain amount of tracting every day and found a new investigator every time we went. We didn’t even knock on that many doors! On Friday we tracted for 30 minutes, and knocked on four doors total. The first door didn’t open, but the next three doors: BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Three new investigators! We found six this week. Fun way to end my time in Liberal! This really is the finding area! We’ll see what it’s like in Topeka!
Last October I had the opportunity to go to stake conference in Garden City. I’ve been here so long I got to go again!! Saturday and Sunday we traveled to Garden with some members of the ward to attend my last church service in the west. I was able to see so many friends from other areas like Dodge, Garden, and Lamar, and all the missionaries on this side of Kansas were there. It was so fun. President and Sister Bell and the assistants came too, so it was sortof like a family reunion! The general authority who was there asked all the missionaries to stand up, and it was just so cool. We also had an investigator come up with us. Her name is Mari Isabel. She only speaks spanish, so it was a little tough finding translators on Saturday night, but it worked out really well and she is awesome!
All I can say is I absolutely LOVE LIBERAL with all of my heart. This has been such an amazing area to serve in and I have grown so close to the savior and really started applying the atonement into my life daily. Sister Moser has been an incredible companion, and I have made some lifelong friends from this area. I know that this is the Lord’s work, and apparently he thinks I’m ok at Spanish…or maybe he knows I’m not and need to keep working on it in a different situation. This has been one of the hardest and greatest times ever and I loved every minute! Heavenly Father loves me, the Savior Lives, the atonement really helps us in every aspect, we can do anything the Lord calls us to do, forgiveness is real, and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
Love Always from the Frontier, Hermana McKay
P.S. I finished my easter dress! The skirt is big enough to cover two of us! Cuuuuute, huh?


I STILL love puppies! And Bella, and Ryan, and Nando


This is how we feel about transfers: 😦



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