Faith Blitz and Kickapoo – March 31, 2014

What a week! I really love it here. I wasn’t sure how many opportunities I’d have to speak spanish and find spanish people to talk to, but they’re everywhere! At walmart last monday, I was kindof going crazy just talking to every person I saw that I thought might speak spanish haha. We taught 3 lessons just getting our groceries haha. So basically I love it and walmart is a great place to find…tactfully haha. 

15 minute faith blitz: We’d been challenged by our zone leaders to give an investigator a church tour this last week, so we had one scheduled for Wednesday, but sadly when we went to the investigators house, she didn’t show. We had a 16 year old member with us and the elders in our branch were there too because they had investigators coming to the church tour, so I looked at my watch and said, “Quick! 15 minute faith blitz! I know we can find someone to invite to have a church tour tonight, so let’s go!” The elders went one way and we went the other way to find a potential or someone who could come with us. It took us more like 30 minutes, but by the end we had found a new investigator and 2 potentials and taught 3 lessons with our member present. Miracle! Funny story though: Walmart is right next to our house which is only about .5 miles away from the church. We were driving down a street and I saw a house I thought we should try, so we pulled over. I asked the member which house she felt like we should go to, and she said the same one I was thinking. So we knock on the door (it was a hispanic family) and almost out of the blue we invite them to come see our church! They said they were just going to walmart (which remember is right next to the church), and I was thinking, “No way. It’s really going to happen! Faith blitz works.” So I said told them, “Why not come feel the spirit and then go get your groceries?” Hahah it was actually really ironic and funny. But they were going to the walmart on the north side, not the south side haha. Oh well. But night of miracles none the less!
This last thursday was craaazaaaaay. We received 6 referrals from a member and contacted 4 of them, teaching lessons with the member as we contacted them and ended up finding 4 new investigators that day. And the crazy thing is that wasn’t even half of what we found during the week. This week we found 12 new investigators in our area, and when I was on an exchange in Hiawatha Kansas on Friday-Saturday we found 8! So 20 new investigators in one week! Amazing. That exchange was fun. I was with my “Great-great-granddaughter” Sister Forsgren, and we got to jumprope while teaching a family about how the book of mormon relates to their native american heritage and also explored a mysterious secret garden and got to teach the gardener’s whole family. So fun. The native american family is from the Kickapoo tribe, so when she said that, I responded “Hey! I did a report on the Kickapoo in the 4th grade! …Don’t remember what I learned, but I remember the name!” Haha it ended up being a great conversation starter. Thank goodness for elementary school reports! 
And then we have two people who are preparing to be baptized on 26 of April! 
This was on our tour of the Conestoga Ethanol plant the monday before I left Liberal.


“A voice from the dust…” 🙂


Love you all! Hope you have a super week!
Love, Hermana McKay

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