Panaderias and Happy Cows – Apr 7, 2014

Another great week in Top City! (That phrase coined by one of the elders, not by me, but it stuck haha)

First of all, I LOVE mexican panaderias haha. But they don’t love me. Good thing I don’t have a scale…we made 3 trips in one week! We did have a legitimate excuse though because we’ve been trying to contact a member and she works there sometime. It changes every day. So no luck with finding her, but we did have a miracle catching a potential investigator there during one of our trips, and we always talk to the workers. We’re basically regulars now 😉 Bread for lunch every day? Okaaaaay 🙂
Second of all, I LOVE general conference! We did watch it all in spanish though…it wasn’t quite the same as english. But wow! What a conference! And we were able to see Elder Oaks’ talk from the priesthood session too. So cool. 
I loved all the references to Tornadoes… especially living in Kansas haha. And I loved Elder Holland’s talk. 
“Sometimes it is hard to be a sister missionary…” Haha! Isn’t that the truth! I haven’t had potatoes thrown at me yet though…so that’s a blessing.
We went to MLC this week as well. It was SO FUN to see the other missionaries again! Sister Beuchert was there and we had a good long talk. She is such a blessing. It’s fun to be a sister leader again, but it’s different. Some things have changed, some things are the same, either way, I have changed and am not the same, so it’s guaranteed to be a new experience. 
Here is a picture. 


Guess what. I ate ceviche this week. I love it. It brought me back to Peru. And we went to visit one of our investigators and then found out that her mom is a member! Wow! Part member family and we didn’t even know. We were just guided! 
I don’t know what else to say this week, just know that the gospel is true! Keep moving forward. I watched a sweet “I’m a Mormon” video this week and the cute little guy said, “I believe that the best cheese is made from the milk provided by happy cows.” Please be a happy cow this week and make some good cheese. Love you all, Hakunah Matata,
Hermana McKay

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