Springtime and Jelly Beans – Apr 28, 2014

Well, if I could describe Topeka, Kansas in one word, it would be…

In every way. It is the greatest thing ever to be here in the spring time because the city and area around it is covered in tulips, purple trees, actual GREEN grass, and there are murals and paintings on practically every other street corner. Also, thanks to our arrival, our spanish branch is colorful now too! (We add the white, pink, and yellow…just look at me and it’s obvious what I’m talking about haha). It’s a college town and the community has done a lot of neat things to make it look “prettier” or at least a little “abstract.” For example. Look at this piano. Doesn’t that just scream “another man’s treasure?” I loved it and was freaking out when I found it. And yes, it works! We played it a little bit..it’s only missing about 12 very important keys…Image
Next example. This is Mae Lin. She has definitely done her part to make the world a better place and share a little Disney cheer with her trailer park neighbors, including all 7 dwarves and their extended relatives. The other side of her house has about 16 large and colorful birdhouses on tall posts and these statues surround the house with little space to walk. She doesn’t speak very good English and sadly doesn’t know Spanish either (she’s Vietnamese) , so we couldn’t really teach her anything, but she fed us a giant grapefruit and we sat in pleasant silence in her highly decorated house for a few minutes just enjoying the scenery. 
We have also tried to incorporate the spring color into our district meetings. Our district leader is going home this week, so we all made (or purchased) cakes and surprised him at district meeting last week. Guess which one we did? (Yes, each jelly bean was strategically placed by yours truly. Would you expect any less?) So yeah, ours was the one on top. Then you have the Lake Shawnee Sisters, Colly Creek Elders, Spanish Elders (haha they made that one from scratch all by themselves. I thought the crushed candycane was a nice touch.), and the Zone Leaders. Long story short, there is no longer a lack of color in our district.
We had a crazy week of lots and lots of organizing/orienting ourselves, back to back exchanges (remind me to avoid those at all costs in the future haha), new investigators, interrupting mexican fiestas, recieving lots of referrals from the kid’s bicycle gang, MONSOONS, planning, planning, planning, hippies (yeah, met quite a few), humbling ourselves before the Lord, and lots of prayers of faith! 
We had a wonderful lesson with una familia: Silvestre, Rosalba, Johanna (9), Johnny (7), y Jonathan (4) (I know, they like the Jo/Johnny names). This family is so amazing and we would LOVE to see this family get baptized. We’ve known them for over a month, but just barely were able to teach them the first lesson. It went very well. We committed them to read and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true and invited them to be baptized when they found out it was. They said said they would when they knew. So we’re on the right track! If you could keep them in your prayers, I know the Lord can help them receive their answer! I’m also going to be giving Johanna guitar lessons and they love it when we sing to them. That birthday present is still the greatest ever!
We’re going to see Viri tonight. She is a miracle and has a lot of questions, but is hard to meet with because she works a lot. We are struggling with helping people attend church, but we’re going to try some new things, so hopefully that will improve this week! Sister Jennings is also speaking at stake conference this weekend. 
We are working on having more faith. We know that the Lord can do anything he wants and bring his prepared children to the gospel, but we are trying to have more faith that he can and WILL do that right now in our area. We have so many names to work with and we know that as we pray in faith to let the Lord guide us to these people and help us teach them by the spirit, we’ll see even more miracles than we are right now. Sometimes having so many names can be daunting and we want to use our time in the most efficient way possible to built our little branch of zion up here. Faith is Power, so we are praying for power! We feel like we are on the brink of some incredible things here in Topeka!
And last but not least, it’s TRANSFER WEEK! Good news is, I’m STAYING!! So glad. We are having the time of our lives and always have so much to do! Love you all!
Hakuna Matata,
Hermana McKay

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