40+ and Prophecies – May 12, 2014

40+ and Prophecies

Every week before I type out my letter I write a little bullet point list of big events that have occurred that I want to write more about. Well…this week’s list is awfully long, so I might write it out in chapters, and I then give you permission to get up to take a bathroom break between chapters if you really need to…

Prologue: Things worth mentioning that didn’t happen this last week but recently
I was asked if I was married…and then promptly asked out on a date…awkward. He didn’t want to meet with the elders anymore after I denied him…sad. I even did it politely. Sister Broadhead and Housley are coming up here today to take us out to lunch! Wooooo! Our car was rear-ended, but thank goodness to the bike rack, no harm was done and the lady who hit us said we could come teach her! I GOT MY BIKE BACK FROM LIBERAL! It was like Christmas. I love my bicycle.
Chapter 1: Cinco de Mustache and Church Tours
I don’t remember when the whole fetish with mustaches came about, but I’ll be the first to admit that I think it’s hilarious and don’t have a problem participating. The zone leaders asked us (the spanish missionaries) to plan a cinco de mayo zone p-day activity, so we accepted. How could we not? Someone’s gotta represent the Spanish Branch! We had a pinata, mexican pan dulce, a best mustache competition, and we even found mustache straws at walmart. It was super fun.
The next day we had an exchange with the Lawrence sisters. This time I got to stay in our area while Sister Jennings went to the other area. We had a really great day talking to a lot of people, spanish and english speakers alike. We were able to teach Charles, someone we found out sweeping his sidewalk, the whole first lesson and invited him to be baptized when he knows it’s true. He said probably 🙂 He’s english and a man, so we had to refer him to some elders. We actually had the “hand-off” lesson with the elders on Saturday and it went really well. Moral of that story is don’t be afraid to teach the first lesson on the first contact! We don’t need to schedule a return appointment before teaching how the true gospel has been restored to the earth.
We had also invited Johana to Activity Days that evening at the church and thought it would be great if we gave Rosalba and the two little boys a church tour while Johana was at her activity. We’d met another member from a different ward who speaks spanish who agreed to drive them to the church, and there were SO MANY other members of the branch at the church who we could introduce Rosalba to. What an amazing experience! We showed her the primary rooms, young women rooms, baptismal font (which she LOVED), and ended in the chapel. The spirit was so strong in the chapel with all of us there. We had the two kids, the two of us, Rosalba, and three members. Pretty big group. Rosalba said she felt a great peace in the chapel and that she was definately coming to church on Sunday.
Chapter 2: MLC and Reunions
After exchanging back on Wednesday morning, Sister Macovichuk and I continued our escapade and journeyed down to Wichita for mission leadership council. I’ve been to a lot of these, but this felt the most productive as a council. I really enjoyed it. And of course it is always AMAZING to see Sister Beuchert at these meetings. I love that lady 🙂 And there were a bunch of elders there as well that I’ve served with who were recently called as zone leaders. Basically a family reunion. But just wait. It gets better. After the meeting was over, Sister Housley and her girls walk in to the room! I was not expecting to see them at all and I was so excited!! But wait. There’s more. After talking to Sister Housley for a few minutes, ROY walks down the hallway too!! Whaaaaat?!? Sister B. and I were so excited. He hasn’t changed a bit. He has made some poor choices though and has had a tough time, but I asked him if he was ready to change his life around again and accept the gospel. Wow I felt the spirit telling me what to say so strongly. I was awfully bold. But the Lord has so much in store for him if he will just accept the gospel! I even invited him to be baptized on May 24th. He said he’d think about it. Gaaaah. But we introduced him the the APs and said they’d help him out. Such a neat experience to see him again. And then Sister Macovichuk and I talked the whole drive home.
Chapter 3: Lehi’s Dream
Let me go back about two weeks to the Friday before last. Sister Mitchell had gotten sick, so we planned temporary exchanges with Sis. Jennings and Macovichuk so they didn’t have to miss their appointments. I took the first shift with Sister Mitchell at their house while she rested. I was reading my Book of Mormon about Lehi and the Liahona and how Nephi was able to use it to know where to find meat for his family. So I started pondering this and asking, “Where do we need to go to find food (or investigators)?” And then…I DOZED OFF INTO MY OWN DREAM. (Ironic?) I hardly ever remember the dreams I have, if I have any at all, so the fact that I remembered this dream was a miracle in itself. In this dream, I was teaching a lesson to someone who I thought said she was from Guatemala. We were sitting in a home that was fairly nice, which clued me in on where we were teaching this lady. She had a few extended family members there, and the Elders were actually in my dream as well because she was apparently a referral from them. I remembered her hair style, she was fairly young, spoke english and spanish, but I couldn’t exactly remember her name. I thought she was black at the beginning of my dream, but by the end she looked like a normal hispanic. Then towards the end of my dream, there was a white man with long white hair and a white beard (Lehi? Santa Claus?) sitting beside the family. And then Sister Macovichuk and Jennings came back and I woke up from this dream. I was so astounded about this dream because it was so VIVID. I told the other sisters there and said, “We’re going to find this family.” So we told the elders to be on the lookout for someone from Guatemala that they were going to refer to us. One of the elders said that since it was kindof “Lehi’s Dream” that I had, Sister Jennings would be the one to interpret it, like Nephi. We also started asking everyone in the branch who they knew from Guatemala. No one knew anyone. But I still felt like we would find them. I never remember my dreams unless it is important. Now we’ll jump forward to last Sunday. Remember the black guys that we sang some blues with Sunday night? Right after that we were going to contact a referral with the elders just a couple streets away. On the way to contact her, we met someone named Lanae who we scheduled to come back and teach the next Thursday. So then we went to contact the referral from the elders. Fast forward to the Thursday we go to teach Lanae. So, we decided to try a neighbor who had a picture of Santa Claus on their front door. Well, they weren’t home. So we went to walk back to the car, when Sister Jennings looked back at Santa’s neighbor (the house in between him and Lanae) and said, “Hey, I think I saw a little mexican kid!” We both looked at eachother and said, “Right next to Santa’s house!” and went to knock on the door. At this door, some kids answered who spoke english and spanish and we asked if their mom was home. They said she was, and she came to the door. She also spoke english and spanish. Her name was Elizabeth, she was from Guadalajara (which could be easily mistaken for Guatemala), was pretty young, and said that she was watching her sister’s kids (extended family) as well as her own. Her house was fairly nice, and she had a very similar hairstyle to the woman in my dream. And she is now a new investigator!! Did you catch all of the clues that we say about how this dream was both interpreted and fulfilled? We would not have found her house without the referral from the elders, and both Lehi and Santa Claus turned out to be points because Sister Jennings was the one to point out the house. She even lived in the neighborhood I though she would live in from my dream. From starting out with the black people to ending with Santa, this whole experience was crazy. Our return appointment to teach her will be tomorrow! But also remember, I was woken up before we finished teaching her, so I’m not sure what the timeline will be for this lady…could be quick, could be really long. We’ll see!
Chapter 4: Book of Mormon and Baptisms
Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Book of Mormon? We gave out 8 copies on Friday alone. Our goal is to give out all 100 copies we have before the end of the transfer. We also started a competition with a couple of our members of the branch to see who can read the book of mormon the fastest. Deadline is the end of this transfer, or June 11. I WILL WIN (I hope…) Winner gets a dinner made by the other people. I love dinners made by other people…
We’ve been doing a super job talking to everyone and doing an awesome job finding investigators for other people…so we give out a LOT of referrals. But that’s ok, we’re just professional finders. We found four investigators on Friday as well and only got to keep 1 of them because the others were all english.
Saturday we went to a baptism with Rosalba and her kids because she had said she wanted to see one when we were at the church on Tuesday. She loved it and again felt peace. All of these experiences added up to us finally having investigators come to church on Sunday! Also, we had over 40 people in sacrament meeting compared to an average of 28-30. It was the best! Our goal is at least 50 before either of us are transferred or before I go home. I love it her so so much!
Mom, in accordance with your request to get some recipes, I learned how to make mexican orange rice yesterday night! It was delicious. Hopefully I can replicate it properly…We’ll see!
As always, it was wonderful to talk to the family yesterday! I do have the best one in the world. Mama,
Feliz Dia de las Madres! Te quiero mucho! Hope yesterday was the best!
Epilogue: Etc. Etc. Etc.
I also want to testify of the power of the priesthood and what a blessing it is to have in our lives. Sister Jennings received a blessing yesterday for comfort with some of her concerns. Even though the elder giving the blessing didn’t know everything, every question Sis. J and I had talked about that morning was answered and addressed in the blessing. There was so much love from Heavenly Father poured out to all in the room. I know our Heavenly Father loves us infinitely and that when we reach out for direction, he willingly gives it! We are children of the most High God and he loves us more than we could ever understand.
Here we go again for another great week in paradise! Please include Rosalba, Silvestre, Johana, Johnny, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Maria, and Roy in your prayers!
Love you all!
Hakuna Matata,
Hermana McKay


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