Ice Cream and Sales Guys – May 19, 2014

Ice Cream and Sales Guys

What a wonderful week. We had our faith tried. That means we learned something. Here’s the story: We talked to A LOT of people and found A LOT of new investigators, but we didn’t get to keep any of them because they were either men or spoke english, so we had to refer them to other missionaries. We were so grateful for the opportunity to be placed in the paths of all of these people, but at the same time, by golly I wanted to find a new investigator we could teach! All week we searched, and it wasn’t until Saturday that our prayers were answered. Any woman (who is not lactose intolerant…) knows that ice cream makes everything better…Well, that was probably a bit overgeneralized, but it sure feels like it’s true! I was feeling a bit down on Saturday morning (silly faithless Sis. McKay 🙂 ) so our district leader kindof ordered us to go get some ice cream during lunch…haha. We chose to go to McDonalds because it was the cheapest place. We ordered our $1 cones and then I saw a family that looked hispanic in the playground area. Of course we chose to go sit nearby them. And then as we were sitting there, another hispanic lady and her grandson came in and sat down nearby us! We decided to divide and conquer and each went to one of the groups with a Book of Mormon. Lo and Behold, they are both interested and BOTH turn out to be new investigators! So cool. How many times have I testified that we receive no witness until “after the trial of our faith?” Well, I’m testifying of it again. We receive no witness until AFTER THE TRIAL OF OUR FAITH! An entire week of searching, and then as we are wallowing in our vanilla cones, the Lord stretches out his merciful hand and sends a stupor of thought to our future investigators on what to make for lunch, so they end up going to the same McDonalds we were at just so we could meet them. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Saturday actually turned out to be an amazing day. McDonalds (and ice cream) just started the domino effect. Later in the day we took our friend Jackie with us to visit some people. When we stepped out of the car and started walking, Jackie remembered that her cousin who had met with missionaries before lived just a couple blocks away. So Jackie led us to Velina, who still had a Book of Mormon. We taught her the Restoration, and now she wants to be baptized in June! Then later that evening, we were going to an appointment when a Vivint sales guy saw us and said, “Hey! Missionaries! You guys are awesome!” Two thoughts ran through my mind: either he was another new investigator just waiting to be baptized or he was a member. (Don’t worry, they’re both good things) He was a member. He told us that he had served his mission in France and got back about a year before. He’s here doing summer security system sales and also said he’d seen a lot of hispanics in the neighborhood. We got his contact info and he took ours and we asked him if he would let us know when he finds hispanic families. That night he called us with 16 REFERRALS! Best street contact ever! Moral of the story: That thought in the back of your mind that ice cream is sounding really good right now is actually a prompting, so you should all go out and get an ice cream cone from your nearest McDonalds as soon as you finish reading this letter.

Golden Nugget for the week: Yesterday in Sunday School we were studying Joshua 1-3. Joshua has always been one of my favorites. He had such huge shoes to fill when he took the role of prophet following Moses’ death, but he did it with such courage and dilligence. Chapter 3 talks about the miracle of crossing the river Jordan. We discussed in sunday school about how the first step into the water was an act of faith and obedience, a trust in the Lord that he would take care of them as they kept his commandments. However, this time something new stood out to me. They had with them the Ark of the Covenant, their most priceless possession because of what it symbolized and contained. When the bearers of the ark stepped into the river, the waters parted and the land became dry enough for people to cross. But what stood out to me was that the bearers of the ark remained “in the midst of Jordan” until everyone had passed through. They kept walking until they stood in the center of the river. The Ark represents our own covenants that we make with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. As we are obedient to these covenants, making them a priority, even “in the midst” of our own experiences, we will pass through whatever river we are crossing at any time in out lives. Our covenants protect us. The scriptures say the priests that held the ark stood “firmly upon the ground until all the people were passed clean over Jordan.” When we stand firmly upon the foundation of our covenants and remain faithful, the Jesus Christ and His Atonement–the reason we make covenants in the first place–will allow us to pass clean over this life and return to live with Him in the life to come. Keep thinking about this story, because there are a lot of other really cool lessons to learn that I don’t have time to write in this letter. When we ponder the Word of God, we actually get to receive and understand even more of it. I love the scriptures!

Thank you for all of your love and prayers!
Hakuna Matata,
Hermana McKay

Displaying 2013-11-30 at 12-01-56.jpeg

Sister Poulson just sent me this picture of Sis. Hunter, the Poulson Kids, and Me on a P-day in Liberal! This was one of the days we were making our skirts 🙂 Cracking open the time capsule!
(Please disregard the children sitting on Sis Hunter…you can tell from her face that they jumped on too fast and she didn’t know what to do with herself. Haha)


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