Soul Songs and Surprises – May 5, 2014

Soul Songs and Surprises

Well another week in paradise! LOVE. IT. HERE. We have been trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having up here by walking around and talking to everyone that is sitting on their front porch…which is about everyone who lives on the street 🙂 So we’ve been taking to a lot of people. Yesterday, as we were walking along 34th, we heard this bluesy soul music coming from someone’s backyard. Anyone who knows me really well would know that I cannot resist good old jazz/blues, so obviously I would want to check it out and share the gospel with them. Aaaaand we walked on over. There were three black guys up on their little back deck as a stage with a mic and sound system set up. One was on keys and vocals, one with some percussion shaker thing, and the other with his harmonica. So fun. And then there were about 4 or 5 people sitting in camp chairs on the lawn. We started talking to the people sitting in camp chairs about the book of Mormon a little bit, until the group finished their song. Weeeelll, I just “happened” to have my hymnbook with me, and I piped up, “Hey, if you give me a basic melody and a beat, I’ll sing a song.” They agreed. Yeah….I had no idea what I was going to sing, but the first song I turned to was “There is Sunshine in my Soul Today,” and I was able to quickly rearrange the melody in my head and decided it fit perfectly. I headed right up to the mic and started singing. It was so sweet! Talk about a fun arrangement to that song. It was veeeeery “soul”ish and fit the audience well. They absolutely loved it and decided they are all coming to church this Sunday. Then we gave them the only two English copies of the Book of Mormon we had. Music is such a great way to share the gospel!
Another fun adventure we had was taking the guitar out proselyting. We got permission one morning and took it out and asked people if we could sing them a song, so we sang a fun arrangement of “I Am a Child of God” and then taught them about the principles in the song. We only did it for about a half an hour because we had an appointment, but we got a couple potentials and a service opportunity, so we called it a success.
I don’t think these extra few pounds are ever going to come off on my mission…we have about 12 extra meals a day because the people here are just so dang nice…and I can’t say no! But it’s ok because I enjoy every minute of it 🙂 We went to Victor and Rocio’s for Victor’s birthday party. They are doing so well! They love the church and unless they move (which they are thinking about) I believe they will be getting baptized very soon.
We are making some good progress with Rosalba and her family too. She doesn’t understand the need to be baptized again, and they still haven’t gone to church yet, but the more people from the branch they meet and more often we come, the more her heart opens up. Please keep them in your prayers. Especially Johana. She got sick Saturday night, so they couldn’t make it to church. President Dodd and one of the other brothers came over with us and gave her a blessing. They are such an amazing family and we love them so much! Keep praying! Prayers of faith!
Stake conference was a way great experience. The talks were all extremely profound and insightful. Sister Jennings spoke on Saturday night, and then President Bell pulled a fast one and had the two zone leaders and sister leaders give a little one minute talk. Haha it was funny. My face was a little pinker than usual.
Well I am going to have to call it quits today because we are having a cinco de mustache…I mean Mayo… party with the zone and the piñata is waiting! Love you all!
Hakuna Matata,
Hermana McKay

Who would have thought that Cinderella grew up in da hood…Love it!
Plan to Facetime at 7:00pm Kansas time (so 6 your time?)
If anything changes I’ll figure out some way to let you know. Love you!!

Maria Isabel from Liberal GOT BAPTIZED!!! Yay!


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