Dinosaurs and Buffalo – June 9, 2014

Dinosaurs and Buffalo

Best last full week of the transfer ever! SAD NEWS 😦 Sister Jennings is getting transferred. She’s going to Ulysses. Waaaaaaay out west! She’s going to love it. My new companion will be Sister Hymas. She actually came out with Sister Hunter. First time in the history of my mission where I’ll have a full transfer not in the training program or serving as a sister training leader. I’m really excited! Party and missionary work all day long!

I actually knew that Sister Jennings was getting transferred last week because President Bell told me in my interview…whoops. It was hard knowing without my comp knowing, but I didn’t want her to know because she would be devastated. So she found out last night when President Bell called me to release me as an STL (which I also already knew was happening because someone let it out of the bag on Wednesday at MLC). So last Monday we made the best use of our time as possible taking lots of pictures in Topeka. Please observe the following pictures:

This is how we find new investigators.

I was hoping to turn into an angel early so the fall wasn’t so long…

So those were our Monday adventures during the day. (I’ll send another e-mail with a few more pictures) Monday night we went to visit Rosalba, Silvestre and their family with one of our members. It was a really hard lesson. They basically told us they would never change. It was a hard lesson, but also a very powerful one for me. I felt the spirit so strongly as I testified of the truthfulness of this gospel. It really is true, you know. 🙂 So please continue to keep them in your prayers. They want us to keep visiting, so we’ll see if they progress. But we won’t be visiting them quite as often.
Tuesday we decided to make mexican food for our district after district meeting. I am becoming quite skilled in mexican culinary arts…Ok, not really, but I am really good at cooking beans and rice and frying tortillas! We had some great lessons that afternoon with a couple new families. I’m getting better at teaching in spanish! Sadly…with one transfer left, it’s not looking like I will be completely fluent when I get home, but I’m a ton better than I was! Tuesday night we had dinner with Elvira and her family. They’re the best.
Wednesday we went to MLC and it was so fun. I didn’t know at the time, but that’s my last MLC ever! It was a good one. Sister Macovichuk and I had so much fun being STL companions together. Time goes too fast. ALSO, special shout out to SISTER TAYLOR who came to visit Sister Beuchert and I on Wednesday at the church. SO GREAT to see her! She gave us gift bags of sunshine and made my day! Thanks Sister Taylor!
Friday we had an exchange with the sisters in the Sherwood ward. It was my last exchange as an STL. So fun. We had a straight miracle day. First of all, we went to contact potential investigator Sister Jennings had talked to on Wednesday. Enrique and Petra are AWESOME. They are both over 70 years old. The sister I had with me didn’t speak any spanish, so I was basically on my own during the lesson, and I’ve come to the realization that the reason I am in a spanish branch is because the Lord uses the weak and simple to do his work. I was definitely weak and simple during that lesson, but he did his work! They accepted the invitation to be baptized and the spirit was so strong! Then that evening we found a whole family that was so excited to learn more. What a super day.
Saturday we went up to Holton to contact some long lost members. We found some more new investigators up there as well. Total this week we found 12 new people to teach.
I am so grateful to be a missionary here at this time. What an incredible 17 months I have had! (This is my 17 month day by the way) I’m so grateful I still have a little more time to do this incredible work! NEVER WASTE A SECOND.
Love you all, sorry for the scattered letter, but just know it was an incredible week and I look forward to another exciting week!
Hakuna Matata,
Hermana McKay


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