Visions and Memories

Visions and Memories

Hello from the happiest place on earth!
You know, I only have about 4 of these e-mails left to write…WHAT???

Anyways…another EXCEPTIONAL week! Remember Maria Elena who came to church last Sunday? She is getting baptized this Saturday! What a huge miracle! Pray that everything goes as planned. Tuesday we went to our lesson with her and invited her to be baptized–which she accepted—and then we’ve continued to see her every day since then. She came to church again on Sunday and is living the word of wisdom and reading the Book of Mormon. I will explain more about Maria Elena on another day, but she is a huge answer to our prayers and fasts. We did another fast as a zone on Wednesday so that everyone in our zone would have a baptism in July and so that our mission can meet its goal for June. I love fasting and have such a huge testimony of it!
Thursday we found a new service opportunity at a place called “Doorstep,” and helped them organize and arrange clothing and other items with the sisters in our branch. Afterwards we went to teach Maria Elena, and then we went to a member’s home and found a baby frozen in jello…

Strangest thing I have ever seen.
Then the next day we accidentally ate 5 meals…accidentally because we had no idea we were even going to have the extra 2…Welcome to the spanish branch, Hermana Hymas!
Saturday was one of the sweetest experiences I’ve ever had on my mission and probably that I’ll ever have in my life. Sahar, who was baptized June 1, 2013 when I was serving in Andover received her mission call to Los Angeles, CA and will be leaving on July 9! So Sister Hymas and I got to go to the Kansas City Temple with her on Saturday as she went through for the first time! The spirit was so strong and that was one of the most meaningful sessions I have been to. I asked her how she felt afterwards and she said, “I just feel right. I feel really good.” I am so grateful I was lucky enough to be in Topeka at the time she went through the temple! How many missionaries get to have the experience of going through the temple with one of their first converts on their mission a year later? I will cherish that memory forever! Afterwards we got permission from President Bell to go to dinner with her in Kansas City, so we went to Costa Vida! I haven’t had that since before my mission! I LOVE that place.

This has just been an incredible past couple of weeks. One year ago almost to the day (when we went through) the whole mission went through the Kansas City Temple for the last time as a mission before it split and I stayed in the Kansas mission. It was really cool to go back. It just took me back to the beginning of my mission. Heavenly Father has been giving me so many tender mercies!
And then Sunday, Maria Elena went to church and we had 47 people there! My goal before I leave is 50, so we’re only 3 away! The highest it’s been before now was 41, so we’re doing good! Then that evening, we had just taught Maria Elena (and I ate menudo…which was surprisingly not as bad as I thought it would be…) and there were 15 minutes left in the day to find a new investigator. We had no idea where to go, so we said a prayer and I had an image of a green house pop into my mind…didn’t know where to find the green house, but I started driving on all kinds of random new streets and was led right to the green house that I had pictured! New investigator!
I never want to leave this field that is so full of miracles. Missionaries, DON’T WASTE A SECOND! This is the coolest work in the world and I never want to leave!
Love you all!
Hakuna Matata,
Hermana McKay


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