Giant Eagles and Fireworks

Giant Eagles and Fireworks

Welllllll, one week down, 79 more weeks to go! (I’ve started my mission over, just in case you weren’t aware.)

No matter how old I sometimes feel on my mission, I am always reminded in some way or another that in order to truly understand things, I must become as a little child. The following is a list of direct quotes from a lesson with a 6-year-old named Noah that we taught on Saturday. Topics covered: Prayer, God is our Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost, and Jesus is not still dead.

1. Your dad is God? Woah. (But he’s your dad, too.) But I already have a dad.
2. What was your dad’s name while he was up there? Was it the same?

3. When we lit fireworks last night I felt good inside my heart. That’s cuz it’s God.

4. Don’t tell me you’re giving me another book.

5. (Talking about Jesus after he resurrected) But where are his wings? How does he fly? Does a giant eagle come and pick him up?

6. (Talking about the Holy Ghost) I didn’t know there were nice ghosts.

7. Resurrection? That’s a new word. I don’t know that word.

8. There are 3 powerful things in the world. Bigfoot, tornadoes, godzilla, and…bears? (But that’s 4.) …Wolves?…Oh! Foxes.

9. What’s a pray? I know what a predator is.

10. God is up there. He is a shadow.

We went to visit a family from Guatemala that we met during service last week. They were so funny. The sweet little abuelita kept giving us things to take home: a cook-book, hand-made scarves, a basket, and a baby dress. We didn’t ask for any of them, but she insisted, so how could we turn her down without offending her? She had made most of them herself and had even woven in some of her long hair for extra shine…ok, not really, but we did find a few strands of her hair in our scarves.

The fourth of July was memorable as well. We started out with zone training, which was my last one ever! But it was a super good one, so I can’t complain. We are working towards 75 baptisms for this mission this month! And they heart attacked out cars. I have decided to forget any diet plans I might have had before coming home (except for exercise) because my plans are sabotaged daily. Mostly just because we have trouble turning people down for food because they insist 5 or 6 times and by the 6th time we can’t deny them again! So we have 4 or 5 meals some days. We never mean to, it just happens! So the 4th was the same. And sometimes potential investigators will invite us to eat, so of course we have to accept in hopes of making them real investigators! Noah’s family was one of these families. It was so worth it. Best rice I have had on my mission. And they made grilled corn on the cob. Delicious. However, it was a little blackened from the grill and when we got into the car after to go to an appointment, we looked in the mirror and our teeth were PLASTERED with tiny specks of black. La verguenza. But funny anyways. Later that night we went with the elders equipped with hymn books, the guitar, and the accordian and went to find some new investigators around Lake Shawnee where everyone was gathered for the fireworks. Someone told me American Idol was waiting for me. Haha. We didn’t get to stay out late or anything, but we could see some of the fireworks from our balcony after we’d gotten home. So we planned for the next day on our balcony as fireworks exploded above us.

This just in: Sister Beuchert is getting transferred to Lake Shawnee, which is the area right next to us! PARTY! She leaves tomorrow to take Sister Macovichuk’s place when she goes home this week.

Also. Coolest way to end the week. We found the family of 7 we have been praying for! (We think) Last night we found Matias and Rosa and their 5 children (ages 13, 12, 8, 6, & 5). They were a referral Sis. Jennings and I received a long time ago that we hadn’t been able to contact yet. We contacted them, taught the restoration, they committed to read, pray, and come to church, and we invited them to be baptized (which they accepted, but not a specific date yet), and then we were out in our car again, all in under 30 minutes. Best, fastest, and most efficient lesson we have ever taught as companions. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM! This is potentially the family we have been promised we would find in many different ways and times. Matias, Rosa, Betsy, Cristian, Rosalin, Valentin, and Matias.

Also, I scored another goal in soccer last week. Saweeeet!

Happy fourth from us and the car that has so many miles it should be retired but we drive it anyways.
Also: Do you like our shirts? We got them from a thrift store. Twinners! And Elder Pettit successfully photo bombed this picture. I didn’t even realize he was in it until I was loading it today.

Our girl Jackie made us cake pops shaped like pandas. yay 🙂

Love you all, have a super week! (Sister Bell is coming to party with us this week. So excited.)
Hakuna Matata,
Hermana McKay
(Swoops off to change someone’s life on a giant eagle)


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