Stupid Snowcones and Arranged Farewells

So…I lost my scriptures. Saddest day of my life. They were lost somewhere between the laundry mat and the library two weeks ago. 1 1/2 years of revelation written in the margins. I’m hoping that if I just pray really hard I’ll find them outside of our apartment one morning, kindof like Lehi and the liahona…that’d be great.

Well, hopefully I can sum this week up in a concise manner…maybe not. Do I ever? Here we go! This week fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Loved it!

Monday Hermana Hymas and I decided to try out the only snow cone shack in Topeka (and Kansas, I think…). We were sorely disappointed. Bummer. There was no comparison. They weren’t even snow cones. They were crushed ice cones. Way too crunchy. I at least liked the flavor, but Sister Hunter’s was way weird. So, simply put, I look forward to a real snow cone when I come back haha! I love Kansas with all my heart, but they could work on their snow cones.
Alright…lost scriptures…stupid snow cones…that’s about enough negativity for one letter. Let’s move on!

Monday morning I listened to a talk called “The Atonement: After All We Can Do” by Brad Wilcox (I think…brad or michael, one of the two). It helped me reflect on a lot of things, especially the expectations I have for myself. He talked about how so many times we wonder if we have done “enough” when we really should be asking if God accepts what we have done. Well Tuesday morning, I decided to ask if what I had done on my mission was acceptable to the Lord…
I didn’t get a yes. But I didn’t get a no either. I got a “not yet.” At the time I was really disappointed! But after a lot of reflecting, I decided that this is exactly what I needed to hear because I’m not finished yet! There are still things I need to do on my mission, and I still have time to accomplish them! Later that day in district meeting, I was asked to give a training on the Book of Mormon. As I was training, I was still a little sad for not getting a “yes” in my prayer earlier that morning. But then out of the blue, I was flooded with all kinds of memories of my mission, especially the time in the MTC when Elder Holland commissioned us to “astonish people” and to bring home one convert–ourselves. As I testified about the Book of Mormon, I was filled with a beautiful sweet feeling that told me that I had succeeded. I had astonished myself and was converted to the gospel. NOTHING BETTER THAN THAT. So moral of this story is, no, he hasn’t accepted my service yet because I’m not done yet, but he did tell me that I was on the right track!

Next day. Wednesday. Par-tay. Sister Bell came to play. But seriouslay. She came up to work with us for the day and take us out to lunch. Why were we so lucky? I have no idea. Maybe it’s because I’m about to “die” soon, maybe we just won the mission lottery, who knows? All I know is that is was SO FUN. We went to Olive Garden, laughed, cried, went to some appointments, got a sneak peak at the new mission cd (I’ll discuss that later), went out to ice cream, and then met back at the church because she was going to take Sister Macovichuk to wichita for her departure the next day. Oh and she brought Sis. Beuchert up from Dodge City. YES MY FIRST BORN BABY IS BACK!

Thursday we spent some time working on our fireside. It is going to be so sweet! I love these things. Maybe I’ll keep planning firesides for the rest of my life…(could that be prophetic?)

Friday. LAST ZONE CONFERENCE EVER (as a 22 year old…)! And I finally had to give my departing testimony. I learned a lot of things while I was up there. You know how the testimony comes in the bearing of it? I testify to that! After I had been up there for a few minutes I turned to President Bell and said, “I just don’t want to sit down because that means my departing testimony is finished…and we all know what that means.” But I did end up finally sitting down. Haha. President Bell shared his experience about being called as the mission president, and it was amazing to hear because it was very similar to a dream that I had before my mission. I don’t have time to go into details now, but maybe I’ll share it next week. 🙂 Let me just say that it was a huge confirmation that I was supposed to serve in the Kansas Wichita Mission from the very beginning. This place was meant for me and I was meant for it. Huge tender mercy, especially in the sunset of my mission. So I talked about that a little bit in my testimony. The spanish sisters in our branch cooked lunch for zone conference. Everyone loved it and was super jealous that they didn’t get to eat like that every day like we do. I am not ashamed of the extra few inches I’ve acquired. They were acquired with so much love 🙂 We also got the long awaited mission cds! So fun! I am in 8 of the songs…haha…Funny. I didn’t plan that, they just kindof put a lot of them in. 🙂

So cool miracle: the family of 7? with the 5 kids? We went over to see them on Friday and they were having a HUGE fiesta because after 14 years of being together, the parents are finally getting married!!! Yay!!! (We didn’t even know they weren’t married. Serves us right for assuming.) But look at them, preparing themselves to be baptized without us even teaching them about the law of chastity yet!

Saturday night one of the members took us to this cool Japanese grill place where they cook the food in front of you. So cool! And then Sunday we had what I would call “Hermana McKay’s farewell.” President Dodd asked me to speak and do a musical number (with my acoustic) because I was leaving soon. He even announced it during sacrament meeting that I only had a week and a half left. Thanks, Pres. But it was fun. For once I spoke without notes in spanish! Quite the accomplishment! (The accomplishment really is that they understood me haha) I got to speak about “The Importance of Hymns.” Cool topic, huh? And then Sis. Hymas and I did an arrangement I composed to “There is a Green Hill Far Away.” I sang and played the guitar and Sister Hymas played the violin. We borrowed a violin from a member in one of the other wards who didn’t hesitate. Come to find out, it is a 130 year old antique! We are very careful with it.

Can you tell by now that a mission is the best thing ever? Until next week, love you all! Hakuna Matata,
Hermana McKay


3000 more words.

Hermana McKay


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