Hair Dryers and Hot Tamales-Part 1

Hair Dryers and Hot Tamales-Part 1


First off: It is so great having Sister Beuchert in Topeka. Every district meeting is such a party. And we can call eachother all the time without having to ask anyone haha.

Second: I am the tallest woman in the spanish branch. Yessssssssssss. I also lead the music in sacrament meeting and played the piano yesterday (terribly though, so don’t get any ideas…)

I love this branch with all my heart. These ladies are all so amazing and have such unique circumstances that they each have to deal with. I am constantly impressed and moved by their courage and strength. And their love! They just adopted us into the family instantly! Sunday during Relief Society Hermana Bowman pulled out a book with pictures of Kansas and said that because it was my last sunday, they wanted to do something special for me. So they had all signed the inside cover of my book about Kansas and then she arranged to have us take this picture so she could print it for me before I left. Ironically, I was fasting out of gratitude on Sunday, and by the end of the day I was 1000 times more grateful than before! Ahhh! We’ll never catch up to the blessings the Lord gives us, will we? By the way, remember how my goal was to have 50 people at sacrament before I left? Well, we didn’t get it. But we got 49!!! I’d count that as a success!

Wow, what to say, right?
Where do I start?
This is about how I feel…

Haha. This was after the fireside on Saturday night. I looked down and saw my name tag and just about lost it haha. I love it so much I’ll keep it on any way I can! Speaking of the fireside, so much fun! It was kindof a “Sister McKay Concert…” ok, not really, but I was the lead singer in our little spanish band. Sister Hymas and I did two numbers, she and Elder Pettit did one on the violin, and I did another one with Elder Inzunza (me on guitar with him on the accordion–Jesus es mi luz. Super bien.) It was so low key and fun. We had about 40 people come, so not too bad! The sisters told us they loved it and they all felt the spirit. Also in attendance was Sister Hymas’ family from Omaha! She got permission from President Bell for them to come visit, so we got to go out to dinner with them and then they came to the fireside after. Her aunt and cousins aren’t members of the church, so we sure hope they all enjoyed it! They seemed like they did. I think I’ll continue my recap this week a little backwards… And in another e-mail because I’ve run out of picture space…


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