Hair Dryers and Hot Tamales-Part 2

Hair Dryers and Hot Tamales-Part 2

Me, Sis Hymas, and family!

​Saturday we also helped Elvira make tamales for the fireside! So fun! I am becoming quite the little mexican woman…

…and a round one at that…Ahem…Let me explain…Friday we were sooooo hungry around 3. And Maria Elena had been sick, so we went to Dillons to get her some Abuelita hot cocoa…and got a snack. Or a lunch…And then we went to Maria Elena’s house…and she wasn’t sick anymore. But of course she was in the middle of cooking. She ALWAYS feeds us when we go over. Without fail. And it’s always delicious, but I was about to explode by the time we finished eating. She thinks that they are supposed to feed us every time we come over hahaha. But wait. It gets better. After that…we had a dinner appointment to go to. 3 full sized meals in 3 hours. I will be grateful to be able to turn down food when I get home haha. But times like this I’m especially grateful to be the tallest woman in the spanish branch. I can carry the not-so-few extra pounds better than most haha. I don’t even know how much I weigh anymore. I’ve given up on scales. Have you noticed I’ve mentioned food in every single one of my e-mails? Surprising, I know. What? I’m a growing girl!

This is the Retana family. They are awesome. She’s also teaching me to cook…

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