Hair Dryers and Hot Tamales-Part 3

Hair Dryers and Hot Tamales-Part 3 Wednesday we had exchanges! First exchanges this transfer! It was so nice. Fun change to just be a normal missionary. But then again, what is a normal missionary anyways? Missions are never normal, so missionaries can’t be normal either, can they? This was at our service on Tuesday: Antique […]

Hair Dryers and Hot Tamales-Part 2

Hair Dryers and Hot Tamales-Part 2 Me, Sis Hymas, and family! ​Saturday we also helped Elvira make tamales for the fireside! So fun! I am becoming quite the little mexican woman… …and a round one at that…Ahem…Let me explain…Friday we were sooooo hungry around 3. And Maria Elena had been sick, so we went to […]

Long lost brother?

Long lost brother? What you are about to see will blow your mind…. ​ ​ Does anyone else see an uncanny resemblance to Derek in this young man? It took almost everything inside of me not to run and jump him with a giant hug. So strange. His name is Tarin. He’s two years younger […]

Giant Eagles and Fireworks

Giant Eagles and Fireworks Welllllll, one week down, 79 more weeks to go! (I’ve started my mission over, just in case you weren’t aware.) No matter how old I sometimes feel on my mission, I am always reminded in some way or another that in order to truly understand things, I must become as a […]

Pig Skins and Swimming Pools

Pig Skins and Swimming Pools I see skies of blue, converts in white, and I think to myself, what a wonderful woild! What an amazing week! First of all, Maria Elena and her grandson Kevin were baptized this weekend! I don’t think I have even started to describe what a huge miracle she is. I’ve […]

Visions and Memories

Visions and Memories Hello from the happiest place on earth! You know, I only have about 4 of these e-mails left to write…WHAT??? Anyways…another EXCEPTIONAL week! Remember Maria Elena who came to church last Sunday? She is getting baptized this Saturday! What a huge miracle! Pray that everything goes as planned. Tuesday we went to […]